Leverage laser scanning and BIM on campus

To make campuses less intimidating and easier to navigate, schools have been creating interactive 3D maps for students and visitors. The most accurate and effective way of doing this is to use building information modeling (BIM) documentation and laser scanning. 

It’s no surprise major institutions like Tufts University regularly leverage this technology and reap a number of benefits from doing so, including:

  • Precise digital records ands 3D representations of the campus
  • Improved accuracy
  • Minimally invasive process: no need for shut-downs and interruptions
  • Incredibly fast results
  • Provides you with as-built dimensions for renovations or remodels

Using Existing Condition’s laser scanning technology, you get so much more than point to point campus measurements. In fact, you get billions of points of data that are turned into a colorized, interactive three-dimensional representation of the campus.

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