Collecting field data

We leverage the latest reality capture tools

3D laser scanning is a way of capturing and creating a digital footprint of a physical structure. In less than two minutes, our small and lightweight laser scanning equipment collects up to 2 million points per second, gathering real-time measurements and information from a site. This type of reality capture automatically collects point cloud data in the field that serves a variety of purposes. 

We use laser scanning technology that is portable, fast, and precise to ensure you get the most accurate information in the fastest time with minimal interruptions. By getting the most precise measurements of a given space, it can then be transformed into an accurate 3D model. With these 3D environments on hand, projects become more efficient, productive, and accurate.

We use a full spectrum of laser scanning equipment from companies including Leica Geosystems and FARO 3D. Depending on the project, we deploy the hardware that best fits the needs of the project.