You need complete documentation of your building to provide peace of mind.

Accurate building documentation relies on technology and expertise. With 25 years of industry-leading experience, we’re excited to showcase the new tools and upgrades that help us to deliver the accurate results we’re known for by our clients and by the industry

Download our guide, New Year, New Tools, to explore how Existing Conditions leverages the power of 3D laser scanners like the NavVis VLX, Leica RTC360, and Leica P50 for your benefit.

Read the guide to learn about:

  • New Tools and Services from Existing Conditions
  • Common Use Cases
  • The Latest in Laser Scanning Technology

The information captured by a 3D laser scanner, drone, or VLX is richer and more accurate than any other method. The benefits of our deliverables over other paper guesstimates are nothing short of impressive. 

Let us be your eyes in the field so you can devote your time to what you do best.

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