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Brooklyn Borough Hall

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Virtual Site Visit


Please follow this link to access the Virtual Site Visit for Brooklyn Borough Hall.

Existing Conditions' Virtual Site Visits platform is an easy and low cost way to access spatial data of your building or project – from any device and without any burdensome downloads. We take the measurements captured by our team on site and turn this reality capture data into an easy-to-use digital twin. In effect, our approach transforms buildings and assets into intelligent spaces for owners, facilities managers, architects, and contractors.


As-Built Drawings


Please follow this link to access the As-Built Drawings for Brooklyn Borough Hall.

As-Built Drawings provide a detailed understanding of the building as actually constructed. This documentation facilitates a compare-and-contrast between the building as designed versus the building's final specifications. In reality, very few buildings are perfect manifestations of their original construction documents.

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Drone Survey


Please follow this link to access the Drone Survey for Brooklyn Borough Hall.


Password: Brooklyn1

The role of drones in reality capture and building documentation continues to evolve rapidly every year. With billions of research and development going towards the unmanned aerial vehicle industry, many previously cost-prohibitive services are now within reach of most professionals within our industry. Our FAA-certified pilots can help you leverage drones to the fullest. When combined with an exterior building scan using terrestrial laser scanning, clients often find our aerial drone surveys to be a great alternative to a full 3D Revit model or CAD exterior elevations.


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You need existing conditions drawings of your building. Trust the experts at Existing Conditions. Let us be your eyes in the field, so that you can devote your time to what you do best. We provide professionals with situational awareness and empower them with the confidence to make smart decisions based on accurate data. Leverage our experience, equipment, and expertise. For decades, we've helped professionals in the building industry implement solutions to the hardest problems they face.