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Many projects require more than one tool to complete the job. We provide both the hardware and software tools needed to ensure success for your project.


Introducing the Navis VLX

These mobile mapping devices provide survey-grade accuracy to even the most challenging projects.


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ScanStation P50

DJI Mavic Air2

Mavic Air2



Let us help you determine the best approach for your project 

The experts at Existing Conditions will deploy the tool or tools that will best suit our clients' needs. 

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VLX (1)-1
VLX  (1)-1

Meet the VLX

The NavVis VLX (powered by SLAM technology) delivers survey-grade point clouds in a unique form factor for high definition mobile mapping. Watch the video below to learn more about the NavVis VLX.

Navis VLX Mobile Mapping Device

The Navis VLX can scan 10 times faster than terrestrial scanners. These mobile mapping devices provide survey-grade accuracy to even the most challenging projects, bringing speed and scalability to a whole new level.

The VLX mapping system features Dual LiDAR sensors with SLAM software, full 360° capture with four high-resolution cameras, a touchscreen with live feedback, and a foldable design.

Number of cameras

2 x 300,000

Points per second

328 feet

Max Range

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Meet the RTC360

The RTC360 offers the ability to pre-register point clouds in the field to increase productivity and allow for quick quality control checks. Watch the video below to learn more about the Leica RTC360.


Leica RTC360 Laser Scanner

The RTC360 3D laser scanner by Leica measures 2 million points per second and can complete colored 3D point clouds in just under 2 minutes.

The low noise data allows for better images, producing scans that are crisp and detailed with a range of applications.

3mm at 10m

Native Resolution Designed to match highest scan setting

Equivalent to

200MP Panorama Camera

20480 x 10240 Pixels

Equivalently A 5K Cube Map

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Meet the ScanStation P50

The Leica ScanStation P50 scanner adds long-distance scanning capability to the market-leading P-series scanners. Watch the video below to learn more about the Leica ScanStation P50.

Leica ScanStation P50 Laser Scanner

With the Leica ScanStation P50, long-range, 3D scanning has never been faster or safer. In contrast to other laser scanners, the P50 solution increases productivity by scanning inaccessible places at a safe position on site, reducing time in the field.

Even the most demanding environmental conditions are no match for the new Leica ScanStation P50 which can operate from -20°C to +50°C and is IP54 certified for dust and water resistance.

Ranges of

Up to 1 Kilometer

Highest Quality

3D Data and HDR Imaging

High-speed Scan Rate

Of 1 Million Points Per Second

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Drone image
Joe Mike and a Drone
How Drone Surveying Can Elevate Your Next Project

Meet the Mavic Air 2

With advanced features in a compact body, the Mavic Air 2 offers superior image quality and intelligent shooting capabilities. Watch the video below to learn more about the DJI Mavic Air 2.


DJI Mavic Air2 Drone

The DJI Mavic Air 2 offers advanced shooting features and superb image quality. High-performance Quad Bayer image sensors create HDR video with light and dark levels captured in separate frames that are layered to create a colorful and detailed picture with high color accuracy.

1/2" CMOS


Focus Range

1m to Infinity

Max Photo Resolution

48 MP 8000×6000

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