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Our services are tailored meet your project specific needs. The examples below are some of our streamlined and cost effective standard practices. However, if you have specific items you need for a project, please let us know.

2D CAD Drawings

Delivered in either AutoCAD or Revit, 2D drawings will be setup using your office standards.


  • Floor Plans, Ceiling Plans, Interior Elevations, Exterior Elevations, Roof Plans, etc.

  • MEP Equipment, Runs, Outlets, fixtures, etc.

  • and more...

3D BIM - Revit Model

BIM stands for Building Information Model and is the standard in the Architectural community. The Revit model is delivered with integrated point cloud data (RCS files).

All modeling/drafting is completed with native Revit familes and parametric tools to ensure the quality of the delivered model.

3D Laser Scanning / 
Reality Capture

Reality Capture is the process of collecting 3D Laser Scan data which is composed of millions of points at the correct X,Y and Z coordinates. This creates a cloud of points that represents reality.

This data can be used for virtual site visits or in our BIM software for accurate As-Built documentation.

SQFT Calculations

We use our laser scan data to accurately draw buildings and generate Square Footage calculations as directed by our client's standards.

Building Diagnostics

Using the laser scan data, we can examine the present conditions of floors, walls, structural elements for deformation or slope evaluation.

Pre-Construction Documentation

Laser Scan data can provide dimensional and pictorial data to record the conditions of a site at a particular date and time. This can be used for documenting the conditions of surrounding buildings prior to construction.

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