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Accurate Existing Conditions 3D laser scanning, drone surveys, Drawings/BIM, expert support & consultation, Building Information Models

celebrating 25 years in the building industry

Upcoming Events:


NAIOP Massachusetts

Step into the Future: Charlestown Walking Tour

Join us at the 2024 Walking Tour hosted by NAIOP Massachusetts. As sponsors of this event, we're excited to explore the future of Charlestown, Boston's oldest neighborhood. We hope to see you there.



Project Highlight: 

Fort Warren

Imagine entering a massive, centuries-old fort on a secluded island, armed only with flashlights and state-of-the-art laser scanners. We faced this unique challenge while documenting the intricate and historic Fort Warren. Our work showcases how modern technology can breathe new life into our treasured past. Dive into our case study to learn how we documented this historic marvel.