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We're constantly adding to our Video Library in order to help our clients and partners get the most value possible out of our relationship. 

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Rob's Experience

Learn more about what it's like to work at Existing Conditions.



A Feeling of Transparency

Existing Conditions is built on hard work, trust and transparency.

Case Studies

Top 10 Projects of 2023

Throughout this year, we've shared stories about ten remarkable projects, each serving as a testament to our extensive experience, state-of-the-art technology, and expertise. From the charming Monomoy Road Residence in Nantucket, Massachusetts, to the monumental United States Senate Chamber in Washington, D.C., these chosen projects presented a diverse array of existing structures, spanning various sizes and locations.

Case Study - United States Senate Chamber Reproduction

Our case study video showcases Existing Conditions' dedication to collaboration and historical preservation at the United Senate Chamber project. Existing Conditions provided our client with the necessary documentation to recreate this space at the Edward M. Kennedy Institute in Boston, Massachusetts.

EC's Top 3 Projects - Q42023

Join us as we showcase our top three projects, featuring the stunning Colony Hotel in Palm Beach, Florida, the majestic Rough Point Museum in Newport, Rhode Island, and the historic Worcester Auditorium in Worcester, Massachusetts. Discover how we gave our clients situational awareness, from laser scanning to 3D modeling, to breathe new life into these architectural masterpieces.

Case Study - Worcester Memorial Auditorium

Don't miss our exclusive interview with Tami Hughes, Senior Associate at DBVW Architects – watch the case study video and gain valuable insights into the progress of the remarkable, reimagined Worcester Memorial Auditorium.


Case Study - Rough Point Museum

Join us as we uncover the remarkable 25-year partnership between DBVW Architects and Existing Conditions. Together, we harnessed the power of cutting-edge technology, such as 3D laser scanning, to meticulously preserve the intricate details of Rough Point Museum. Our dedicated teams have come together to breathe new life into Rough Point, ensuring that its legacy endures for generations to come. Don't miss this captivating journey of historical preservation and architectural innovation.


Case Study - Northeastern University

Existing Conditions partnered with Northeastern University and LeMessurier to document a series of campus buildings in two phases. This case study video showcases how Existing Conditions' cutting-edge technology and expertise provide academic institutions like Northeastern University with situational awareness of their most valuable assets.


Case Study - The Colony Hotel

Existing Conditions was chosen to survey this iconic hotel, in Palm Beach, Florida. Using the Leica RTC360 scanner, our team successfully scanned 46,000 square feet of space, including 79 guest rooms, each possessing its own distinct and individual character. During this short video, you’ll learn more about the project and the partnership between Existing Conditions and Smith and Moore Architects that revitalized the historic Colony Hotel.



Case Study - NY Stock Exchange

Working in this world-famous structure was a privilege for our firm.



Case Study - 51 Madison Ave

We had the honor of working on a one-of-a-kind, architectural icon.



Case Study - 101 Federal Street

This project began after approval was provided to demolish a neighboring city-owned parking garage.



Case Study - Boston College

It is the city of Boston's first institution of higher education and one of the country's most prestigious colleges.



Case Study - NY Historical Society

For high-profile projects like this one, things often start with an owner's representative contacting us.



Case Study - Williams College

How is this historic institution on the cutting edge of the building industry? They recognize the value of the technology we employ and the services we provide.



Applied Form + Space's Experience

Hear from a renowned client about how they've built a relationship with Existing Conditions.



The Importance of Documentation

A laser scan is an indispensable tool in any architect's toolbox. It helps them avoid unnecessary headaches.



Recommendations to Architects

For high-profile projects like this one, things often start with an owner's representative contacting us.



Prevent Change Orders

Learn how our service helped a client avoid nasty change orders on a large renovation project.



Let Existing Conditions Go For You

Why spend your time measuring buildings? Trust a team that does it every day. Let them save you time.



Utilize Existing Conditions

Making the most of laser scanning and digital modeling can help you avoid having to use scaffolding.



The Art of CAD Drawings

It's somewhat of a miracle to be able to create accurate drawings of complex, centuries-old structures.



Benefits to an Architect

Architects should consider that they can multiply their own team efforts by leveraging the expertise of Existing Conditions.



Trust Existing Conditions

Many architects are frustrated by having to create their own field measurements. Why do it yourself? 



Utilize Our Expertise

Laser scanning has changed the game. Expert firms help other professionals gain access to the benefits of these tools.



Experience With Existing Conditions

It's important for architects to work with a team that they can trust. You need to be able to rely off of your existing conditions drawings.



Let EC Support You

Whenever clients need additional support, Existing Conditions is there to help.



What Existing Conditions Provides

3D building documentation enables building industry professionals to better understand what they are working with.



The Processing Side

Once we finish scanning, our team processes that data into a set of accessible measurements – the "point cloud."



Drone Imagery Benefits

Clients use our drone services to better understand their project's context and learn more about the building itself.



Certified Drone Pilots

All of our drone pilots are certified with the FAA. We know how to get the job done safely and effectively.


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