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Historical Timeline

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The Idea - 1997

The Idea 1997


After serving in The United States Air Force as an engineer, Existing Conditions Surveys Incorporated was created when Founder, Kurt Yeghian, began working at a large architectural firm in Boston, while pursuing his architectural degree. The problem that still exists today is simple. When it comes to measuring existing buildings, it is a task that is often relegated to the most junior staff, who have the enthusiasm, but not the experience, expertise, or equipment to put together an accurate set of drawings. This almost always leads to costly change orders, and other unpleasantness during the project. The main concern is that mistakes in the building process can arise from inaccurate information. The lack of emphasis put on this important phase of the project was puzzling to Kurt. Seeing this unmet need, Existing Conditions was founded to deliver high quality building documentation more accurately, efficiently, and cost effectively than anyone else in the market.

The Beginning - 1999



The formation of heralded a welcome professional source for architects, engineers, real estate owners, and other building industry professionals to procure an accurate set of drawings for their projects. We were awarded our first project 3 hours after the launch of our website. This was the beginning of an overwhelmingly positive reaction from the building industry to this new service.

The Beginning - 1999

Incorporation - 2001

Incorp 2001


Because the building industry embraces the concept of a single source for professional and accurate creation of existing conditions drawings, evolved into Existing Conditions Surveys, Inc. We became a Veteran owned, Massachusetts Subchapter S Corporation which added value and protection to the company as it continued to grow.

PJ Sullivan joins Existing Conditions - 2001



In 2001, Existing Conditions welcomed PJ Sullivan. PJ Sullivan is responsible for quality control, as well as, high profile and complex 3D modeling. PJ is based in the United Kingdom and continues to be a valued resource on Existing Conditions projects.

PJ Sullivan joins Existing Conditions - 2001

Joseph Sullivan joins Existing Conditions - 2002

Joe 2002


Following the lead of his older brother, Existing Conditions was pleased to welcome Joe Sullivan to the firm. Today, Joe is still with us as a senior member of our staff, as well as one of our FAA certified drone pilots in charge.

Red Letter Date: Our First Large Project - 2002

Red Letter 2002


In 2002, Existing Conditions was awarded our first large, high profile project, The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. We competed against a number of more mature companies for this project, and after we completed this large, complicated project, our reputation as a valued consultant was solidified in the region. This project was the first for us to use terrestrial 3D laser scanning.

Red Letter Date: Our First Large Project - 2002

The First Expansion - 2003-2008



Building on the great work we had in our portfolio and while attracting five additional staff, Existing Conditions expanded from a small, Boston based, service provider, to a regional service provider, with a reputation and portfolio built on the successful execution of hundreds of projects, and many satisfied customers.

Red Letter Date:United States Senate Chamber Project - 2009



With great pride and honor, Existing Conditions was awarded a no-bid contract to 3D laser scan and create an existing BIM model (Building Information Model) of the United States Senate Chamber in Washington, D.C. After the successful completion of this project, Existing Conditions’ reputation as a regional provider of high-quality existing conditions drawings was established. The recognition from this project opened doors to other such high-profile projects that we have had the honor of completing, including the following: The Massachusetts State House, The Pentagon, Carnegie Hall, The Willis Tower, and the New York Stock Exchange.


Red Letter Date:United States Senate Chamber Project - 2009

Brian Ely Joins the Firm - 2009

Brian Ely 2009

Existing Conditions welcomed Brian Ely to the firm, from his former position as the BIM manager of Kallman McKinnell and Wood Architects (a storied firm located in Boston). Brian remains with Existing Conditions today as a senior member of management, the VP of Operations. Brian’s expertise and ethic has helped us embrace the latest technology and methods, and have raised the level of quality of our work.

Philip Smith Joins the Firm - 2010

Philip Profile original

The addition of Philip Smith to the firm was an event that allowed us to not only deploy a 3D modeler that is exceptionally versed in Revit, but also a mind that has allowed us to stay at the “tip of the spear” of technology. As a company, we always need to be at the cutting edge, and we maintain our edge as a result. Philip serves as our VP of Product and leads the production of our most complicated services.

Philip Smith Joins the Firm - 2010

First Deployment of New Generation FARO Scanners - 2011

First Deployment 2011


Starting in 2011, Existing Conditions made the bold move of deploying three new FARO Focus 3D laser scanners. This new generation of scanners allowed us to collect field data faster, more accurately, and less expensively than previous methods. The speed and accuracy that we are now able to collect data has been a watershed to us and our clients, allowing us to deliver work of unprecedented quality and accuracy. This is also a time when Existing Conditions became the largest user of FARO laser scanners on the East Coast.

The Second Expansion - 2012-2016

2012 Pacific Bell Tower


Building on our new senior staff and proprietary workflow, we added seven new staff members during this period, all of which are still with the firm. The addition of our pool of highly skilled and motivated staff allowed us to expand our operations, moving into areas across North America, including; Chicago, Washington, D.C., Miami, San Francisco, and Houston, to name a few.

The Second Expansion - 2012-2016

European Expansion - 2017

European Budapest Stock ExchangeAs a result of building on the great work in North America for the last 17 years, Existing Conditions opened our first overseas office located in Glasgow, Scotland, U.K. This expansion gives us access to markets in the U.K., a point of departure for projects throughout The European Union, and access to talent and technology not available in the United States.

First Deployment of New Generation Leica P-40, RTC 360, and BLK Scanners - 2018

2018 First Deployment


As our projects grow larger and more complex and the need for accurate information grows, we have had great success deploying the latest generation of Leica scanners. The amount of situational awareness that we provide to our clients is staggering, especially considering the compressed timeline that most projects are under. We continue to demonstrate successful execution, completion, and follow-up on all of our projects. FARO would take 2 ½ minutes for a scan, and there were round spheres all over the room for targets. It would take 4-5 minutes per scan since we were using the spheres. With Leica, the 3D scanner has a video camera-based system, and no targets are needed. When we move it, it knows its location, and the scan only takes up to 30 seconds.

First Deployment of New Generation Leica P-40, RTC 360, and BLK Scanners - 2018

Our First Deployment of Aerial Drone Technology - 2018


Existing Conditions began deploying drone technology in support of our terrestrial scanning equipment to further add to our clients’ situational awareness of their most valuable assets. We consider drones a valuable tool in our arsenal that helps clients better understand the built environment of their projects. The drone can be used to get imagery of roof structures that we cannot see from the ground with our traditional scanning process. Many roofs cannot be safely accessed or seen from the street level, so this is one instance where a drone can be employed.

Our First Project in Africa - 2019

2019 Africa_Monrovia

Because of our relationship with the United States State Department, Existing Conditions was selected for the 3D laser scanning and BIM modeling of the United States Embassy Complex in Monrovia, Liberia. As a veteran-owned company, we are excited to support the Dept. of State and United States Marine Corp with the renovation and expansion of the embassy complex.

Our First Project in Africa - 2019

Jared Curtis Joins the Firm as an Equity Partner - 2020

Jared Curtis 2020

With great pride and boundless optimism, founder Kurt Yeghian welcomes Jared Curtis as an equity partner in the firm. Jared, a Cornell University Architecture graduate, who also has a background in commercial real estate and private equity, will be heading up the continued growth initiatives of the firm, as well as working on corporate rebranding of our well-established, continually profitable firm. Jared’s expertise and vision are a welcome addition to our winning team and will propel us to new heights.

Kurt Yeghian Founder & CEO


Kurt Yeghian Founder & CEO

Jared Curtis President

jared image


In 2021, we completed over 600 projects totaling more than 60 million square feet, for hundreds of clients and thousands of project stakeholders. Some of our high-profile work includes projects at world-renowned institutions like Williams College and Yale, repeat work at NYSE, and projects for the top architects, developers, and building industry professionals in the country.