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The Existing Conditions Podcast

Start Accurate, Stay Accurate.

On this show, we get together to discuss the ideas, the opportunities, and the strategies that are being taken advantage of by smart building owners who recognize the need for smarter buildings.

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Drones and Their Benefits to Projects

In this week's episode of the Existing Conditions Podcast, we discuss drone technology and the many ways it elevates our work to another level. This technology allows us to capture rich data and enhance our client's situational awareness with a new perspective of their building. Drones also make it possible to save time and money by negating the need for scaffolding, boom cranes, or even helicopters for facade surveys.

The NavVis VLX Changes the Game

On this show, we get together to discuss the NavVis VLX.  This new wearable scanner can scan 10 times faster than terrestrial scanners. These mobile mapping devices provide survey-grade accuracy to even the most challenging projects, bringing speed and scalability to a whole new level.