Fair, predictable, and flexible

Curious to know how we determine a budget for your project? In short, every job is unique and priced on a case-by-case basis. We don't use a "dollar-per-square-foot" metric or "rate sheet" to price a project. There are a number of key factors (illustrated below) that go into the creation of an appropriate budget. If you'd like to touch base with our team to get a cost estimate, please reach out!

Our clients include architects, developers, owners, and other building industry professionals. As you can imagine, each discipline works with existing conditions drawings in different ways for different projects. If we can't do this work better, faster, and more affordably than your internal team, then we are not living up to our mission at Existing Conditions.

We can price jobs fairly and predictably because we've been doing this for over 25 years. We have a large database of Quotes for every type of project imaginable, which enables us to get you the best possible price for your exact scope of work.

Existing Conditions has thrived for over two and a half decades because we've taken a very long term view of how we serve our clients. We want to build relationships. We're not interested in "hitting a home run" on every job. Rather, we work with our clients to help determine exactly what is needed to get the job done. We're very happy being a part of the client's team – providing as built drawings of superior quality and at a reasonable price that will allow us to do a good job. For a modest cost early on, our service helps clients avoid significant unpleasantness later on in their projects due to change orders, rework, and construction delays. Unfortunately, without accurate existing conditions drawings, these risks remain very real.

No matter the building type or project stage, Existing Conditions has calculated fair pricing for hundreds of similar deals. Because we focus solely on the creation of accurate existing conditions drawings, we are able to create a Quote for Services for your exact needs at a reasonable cost.

The main factors that determine our price

Every project is unique – and our work is driven by your scope. For instance, measuring and modeling a Gothic cathedral is a very different professional exercise than creating as built drawings for an empty warehouse. And even with two similarly-sized warehouse buildings, a client that is marketing their building for lease may have very different needs than a client who needs as built drawings for an intensive renovation of their warehouse. Our team is available to help you determine the right budget to meet your specific project needs.

That being said, there are a number of basic variables that determine the price of our service. They include:

  • Location
  • Square footage
  • Building access and occupancy
  • Project schedule and delivery speed
  • Days required on site
  • Types of drawings needed
  • Level of detail required
  • Complexity of the interior spaces and exterior facade
  • Number of recommended scanning personnel
  • Tools required to properly measure the space
  • Other client requirements, such as overnight or weekend scanning

Our consultative sales process allows our team to fully understand your building and your project needs in order to get you precisely what you need – nothing more, nothing less. This ensures that your costs are reasonable and allows you to do your best work, no matter if you are an architect, consultant, builder, broker, or other building industry professional. 


Responsive to your specific needs

We can also execute projects in multiple stages to meet your specific budget requirements. We understand that financing a real estate project is a complex undertaking.

For instance, some clients will ask us to measure and model one area of a building in an initial phase and revisit the remainder of the building once project financing is fully secured. 

Your success is our success – we have no interest in selling you on a scope of work that exceeds your needs.

In other scenarios, a client may only initially require a set of schematic "core and shell" floor plans. Perhaps they are performing their due diligence on an acquisition and have not yet closed on the property. Or maybe their project requires subsequent funding to complete the project. For these situations, Existing Conditions can produce an initial set of drawings from our laser scan data, and then revisit the same scan data later on to produce more detailed drawings suitable for the final stages of a deal. If the client wants to add additional items to their scope of work a month or a year later, we've typically already collected the measurements required to produce the requested drawings.

This approach allows us to minimize the need for additional site visits and mobilization costs, and speaks to the value of getting the job done right the first time while on site. Our flexibility is a major strength – we are your partner and want the best for your project, no matter the scope of work.

If we have sent you a Quote that is beyond your budget or required scope, just let our team know! Our proposal is not carved in stone – we will work with you to meet your budget, schedule, and scope requirements. Our pricing is transparent and predictable – no hidden fees, no extras, and no unpleasant surprises when you receive your invoice upon delivery.

We're a problem solver, not a problem creator

A huge part of our success for 25 years has been the partnerships we build with our clients, which have been fostered through clear communication. We listen carefully to our clients to understand exactly what they need. In turn, it is also important that our clients verify that we did not miss the mark. When you receive our Quote, please carefully review our proposed Scope of Work.

We pride ourselves on functioning as "a known quantity" in an industry with innumerable uncertainties. Our clients consider Existing Conditions as an extension of their own teams. They leverage our experience, equipment, and expertise. Our personnel have backgrounds in architecture, construction, development, brokerage, and real estate finance. With that foundation, we are able to "speak your language" and deliver you exactly what you need for your specific project demands.

Having scanned and modeled thousands of buildings in virtually every asset class across the globe, we have built an unmatched portfolio and have thousands of repeat clients that trust us to meet their standards and specifications. Our brand is defined by competence, honesty, and performance.


If you'd like to learn more, please visit our website, check out our portfolio, or contact us to connect with a member of our team.