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Existing Conditions provides comprehensive building documentation through 3D laser scanning and building information modeling. We work with architects, engineers, builders, owners, and real estate professionals to provide them with the comprehensive data they need.

We are a trusted service provider for top architectural and engineering firms, academic facilities, real estate companies, building owners, and builders. Our service has proven to save our clients money and time.

Our core expertise is 3D laser scanning and creating existing condition building documentation of superior quality. We provide no other services. We are not a company that provides this service as a secondary function, lacking the expertise and necessary understanding. We use small, professional, uniformed crews who are discrete and do not disturb tenants or clients.



Existing Conditions was founded in 1997 to deliver high quality building documentation more accurately, efficiently, and cost effectively than anyone else in the market. 

Two decades later, we have measured and documented hundreds of millions of square feet of space for architects, engineers, building owners, and real estate professionals across the United States.




We have stayed true to our founding principles and, as a result, continue to excel at delivering accurate Existing Conditions base documentation. We view our work with you as a collaboration. We are here to help in any way we can throughout the course of the project, and the next one. Our goal is to become your go to source for creating accurate existing conditions documentation.



No other company has our vast range of project experience and expertise. We are a trusted service provider for top architectural and engineering firms, academic facilities, real estate companies, building owners, and builders. Our service provides our customers with significant cost savings time after time. 

Existing Conditions measures and models approximately 40,000,000 square feet of space each year. Architectural existing conditions surveys, drawings, and digital models are our core products. By using the latest 3D laser technology, a comprehensive proprietary workflow, and a highly trained staff, we have built an impressive portfolio of work. 

Our field operatives are more than just hired hands – they hold real-world experience in the architecture and real estate industries that allow them to truly understand projects from a customer’s perspective. Due to our consummate reliability and reputation in the data capture market, we’ve been privileged to have scanned and modeled everything from the Pentagon to the New York Stock Exchange, from Carnegie Hall to the US Capitol Building.



As pioneers of BIM technology, our core expertise is 3D laser scanning and creating building documentation of superior quality. We are professionals. We use small, disciplined, uniformed crews who are discrete and do not disturb tenants or clients.



We provide situational awareness and data-readiness to a variety of industries. By choosing not to overdevelop our product line, we are able to understand customer needs at a much more granular level. This improves the customer experience dramatically in comparison to a surveying or construction firm.

Our product is less expensive and delivered more quickly. We hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards of quality. Customers can expect for issues to be escalated promptly when required, and for the product delivery process to be quick and painless. 

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Field Technicians

By working with Existing Conditions, a customer knows that they will be delivered exactly what they need. They benefit from the certainty to proceed with complete confidence regarding their project’s physical parameters. This elimination of potential rework and wasted time is extremely important to our customers, who are often operating on strict development or construction timelines.

We deliver a valuable product that can be leveraged in a number of different ways by a number of different professionals. Due to the fact that most of our team has real world experience in the architecture, engineering, and construction industries, we understand client needs at a granular level and approach our work with their perspective and satisfaction top of mind.





Our 3D laser scanning and BIM documentation provide you with the most cost-effective and accurate option for digitizing future or existing conditions of a building. 

There are significant advantages to having this digitized footprint of your structure or property, including:

  • A better understanding of the proposed design
  • Significant cost savings throughout the course of a project
  • Enhancing customers’ business models
  • Avoiding logistical issues, rework, and costly mistakes
  • Universal accessibility of the data
  • Can be used for performing studies and diagnostics
  • Analysis and simulation capabilities
  • Allows for more precise control over costs and schedules
  • Sustainability benefits including increased energy-efficiency and fewer wasted resources and materials
  • Validate designs early
  • Increasing governmental adoption


Our products are used throughout the public, private, and non-profit sectors. We help organizations quickly implement solutions to the hardest problems they face.

Asset Management: Implement a robust documentation solution for portfolio-level management and deeper understanding of a proposed design.

Aviation: Accelerate terminal improvements and increase safety by integrating data across a building's lifecycle.

Consulting Services: Achieve transformational change with insights that brings the built world into the digital era.

Critical Facilities: Return to security first principles with our tech. Strengthen data centers and command centers.

Education, Civic, & Culture: Treat your next project launch as a data problem and solve it with a comprehensive solution.

Medical Facilities: Improve hospitals and medical facilities while maintaining rigorous data privacy standards.

Historic Landmarks: Rehabilitate prestige properties and discover value-add building details.

Hospitality: Synchronize your team's efforts and be prepared for success.

Industrial: Strengthen trust in how your enterprise uses information to make decisions.

Laboratories: Integrate and analyze spatial data to make informed decisions about pharmaceutical and biotech facilities.

Mixed Use: Efficiently capture data to drive more informed operational planning and strategic decision-making.

Office Buildings: Equip your entire team with the building intelligence they need to respond to market opportunities.

Parking Structures: Improve parking assets or prepare them for redevelopment by bringing reality capture into your project workflow.

Multifamily Residential: Boost asset value by harnessing data to maximize rental income and perform intelligent needs assessments.

Fine Homes: Use laser scanning and building information modeling to gain a deeper understanding of a home's strengths.

Retail: Discover patterns of use between different spaces within a larger portfolio, or simply gain a deeper understanding of an individual asset.

Smart Cities: Accelerate the implementation of smart city technologies like autonomous vehicles and 5G by creating a digital version of the built world.

Stadiums: Use reality capture and building information models to improve assets, minimize risks, and create great experiences for great fans.





Our work has helped save millions of square feet of the built environment. This saved space facilitates redevelopment for affordable housing, offices, labs, offices, and more. At the same time, laser scanning and BIM helps reduce wasted materials and prevents rework thanks to fewer mistakes during the course of a project. 



Optimize the value of your real estate by truly knowing what you own. Strengthen trust in how your enterprise uses information to make decisions.

We enable professionals to turn real estate into a digital asset that’s both rich in information and highly accessible. This is the result of our innovative approach towards gathering and modeling data, the unbeatable quality of our work, and the complete reliability we provide our customers.

We leverage Reality Capture and 3D laser scanning technologies to quickly deliver Building Information Models (or BIM, for short). These foundational digital assets provide situational awareness and actionable data to the commercial real estate industry.



We know firsthand and through deep market research that BIM provides substantial benefits to a wide array of customers throughout real estate asset classes. These benefits extend to diverse markets around the world. We have also witnessed consistent customer success throughout our 20 years in the business of providing professionals with reliable digital models of the built world. 

By maintaining our professionalism, our product’s value, and our genuine passion for our customers’ success, we will continue to get you what you need through our demonstrated ability to execute.



We use the latest tools to capture vast quantities of data about the built environment. 

We use a full spectrum of laser scanning equipment from companies including Leica and FARO 3D. We deploy the scanner that best fits the needs of the current project we’re working on.

We use "Class 1" lasers, meaning they are no more powerful than a supermarket checkout’s laser scanner. These lasers pose no harm to people or buildings. The scanner hardware itself is portable and quiet, and can be used around people, so there will not be any need to limit your on-site operations. 

3D laser scanning is a safe process used in the building industry for about 20 years. Our field crews are professionals and always employ high standards of safety on job sites.



3D laser scan data can be delivered in a variety of formats, while our drawings are primarily delivered in either Autocad .DWG file or Revit .RVT file, we can also export to all known CAD platforms as well as PDF format.

Our deliverables and driven by your scope and your needs. We will customize our level of detail to suit your needs. When quoting the project we will provide you with what will be included in the drawings and what our scope will be. Before we create CAD drawings or BIM models for you, our BIM managers will contact you to review the laser scan data if needed, to be sure we are getting you as much situational awareness as possible.



As leaders of the digitization of the CRE industry and others, we’re constantly on the lookout for ways to bring our customers the latest tech and the most value. In addition to VR technology, we use a variety of robotic surveying tools to bring the most possible value to any given project. This includes scanners and UAVs (drones) for aerial image capture and data capture. 





We work for the common good to build intelligence. We’re building a future where data can be leveraged to serve people, create value, and improve quality of life.



We've built our interview process around our candidates. The number and format of interviews that you'll experience will be personalized to you and the type of role that you're looking for. We aim to give everyone the best chance at representing their abilities. Everyone starts with one or two phone interviews, and if we think there's a fit, we'll move ahead.



From day one, we want you to contribute — not just to the product, but to our strategy and culture. Existing Conditions is a place where you can brainstorm and build epic things, whether it's building a transformative new feature or sitting down with company leadership to talk through your ideas for the product roadmap.

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