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Case Study: New York Stock Exchange

Aug 30, 2021 1:00:00 PM

Working in this world-famous structure was a privilege for our firm. It was a milestone event for us to provide the New York Stock Exchange with the current state of their building. In turn, they could rejuvenate the spaces and make the most of this iconic property.


The Scope of Work

For us, working at the New York Stock Exchange was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to document a world-famous structure that millions see in the media on a daily basis. To succeed, it was vital for our team to provide accurate documentation to the architect, so that their team could in turn help manage the project's success. It was also important for us to deliver valuable insight to the building owner, so that they could understand the opportunities they were working with.

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The owner's project management team initially enlisted our help to document the building's executive levels. Because they were so intricate, a number of the rooms required entire interior drawings and reflected ceiling plans. We were advised that if they utilized traditional survey methodologies or their in-house workers, the architect could not produce the work as quickly or precisely as we could. We provided them with exact drawings so that they could precisely renovate the beautiful historic spaces at the NYSE.

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To start, we brought in our scanners, 3D laser scanned the entire place, and meticulously modeled the board rooms. The rooms appeared to be in good condition at first glance. However, up close the paint was flaking and the columns and skylight above were beginning to have serious capital needs. This is why the restoration endeavor was so urgently necessary. It was imperative to resurrect this structure – and accurate drawings were the launch point.

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The teams at Existing Conditions were able to gather the best possible data and provide the project teams with precise drawings for the renovation. Because the executive levels were only a handful of floors, the complete scanning process only took a few days. Scanning was only a minor part of the overall project. The majority of our team's time was spent modeling those intricate interiors.

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The Level of Security Was High

We had to pass through two to three security checks to gain entry to the facility. When you walk onto the trading floor at the NYSE, you immediately feel small since the ceilings are so high. The fifty-foot high ceiling is stunning. In fact, many of the ceilings in the New York Stock Exchange are beautiful works of architecture, which most people don't have the chance to see given that the focus in media is typically on the professionals who work daily in the space.

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What Are the Benefits of 3D Laser Scanning?

Many of our clients come to us to have their buildings scanned to begin a renovation or even help assist with the development of plans for ground-up construction. We aided the New York Stock Exchange since they desired a fresh start for their organization and the spaces they worked in most often. They now have the exquisite detail that is required for this restoration. Existing Conditions is the company to call if you need quick and accurate measurements. We appreciate the opportunity to do our work since it allows us to contribute to the repair of older structures, a vital component of architectural heritage.

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Jared Curtis

Written by Jared Curtis

President, Existing Conditions