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The Business Case For Existing Condition Surveys

Oct 28, 2021 3:19:32 PM

Imagine your friend came up to you and was talking about their recent purchase of a used car. When you ask them for details, they say, "I don't have any. I didn't even test drive it. I just bought it based on what the dealer knew." You'd probably question why they made such a poor financial decision.

You wouldn't buy a used car that didn't have any verifiable, accurate background information. So why would you invest your energy into a building project that didn't have any reliable architectural drawings?

Searching a boiler room for blueprints from the '80s is a thing of the past. With technological advances happening every day in the building industry, why would you go the antiquated route? Simply put, utilizing old building plans is negligent. But when you get an accurate, reliable set of building drawings, you've effectively made an investment in your building by knowing future capital projects and renovations will be based off of accurate data, not assumptions and guesswork.

Learn how you can protect your investments with the time-saving benefits of Existing Conditions documentation.

Allocation of resources

It's common for institutions and their facilities teams to have funding that is allocated by departments, labs, or teams. In order to efficiently manage a facility's funding and safety, you need to know who has what space, where the space is, and the dimensions of the space. When viewed from a wider perspective, access to this information at the campus or portfolio level allows you to benefit from more complete situational awareness about your most important assets.

While using simple, single-line drawings may meet your short-term goal of launching a facility management project, the stakeholders involved are going to want to invest in the best institutional planning possible. For instance, when public safety for a university asks for building documentation to support their strategic planning, don't risk stakeholder welfare by providing them with inaccurate data.

When you get accurate existing conditions surveys for your buildings, you're creating a resource that serves as a foundation for success and reliability for years to come. Keeping your building documentation up-to-date sets you up for success on any future planning efforts.

Major implications of minor changes

Inaccuracies during and after building projects not only have a major financial impact but can also negatively affect your reputation. It isn't worth risking the well-being of your business to save a relatively small amount of money upfront.

"Being off by a foot can mean hundreds of thousands of dollars in unpleasantness, change orders, and project delays. Is that really not worth spending $5,000 up front to get it done right, the first time by a professional?" -Jared Curtis, Existing Conditions

It's the 21st century. The speed and cost of appropriate building planning are no longer a worry. In fact, laser scanning can reduce the time required to survey a building by more than a factor of 100.

Taking measurements manually is not only tedious, but it also makes your project especially prone to error. When you use the right tools the first time, along with the right team, taking measurements with laser scanning technology is 10 times faster and more reliable.

The holistic benefit of surveys

How much would you pay for peace of mind? Make the right choice for your project and your stakeholders by providing your team with an existing conditions survey from Existing Conditions. Eliminate concerns of inaccurate building measurements by trusting Existing Conditions to handle the as built's for your project. When the right tools are in the hands of an expert team, you have peace of mind knowing that you're saving time and money in the long run.

You're not only investing in success when you work with Existing Conditions, you're investing in a long-term relationship. Clients often see Existing Conditions not only as project partners but as an extension of their business. The Existing Conditions team sets the bar high. They ensure clients receive the best and most accurate surveys on the market.

"[The Existing Conditions team is] reliable and prompt, always keeping us informed of their progress and capacity to meet an expected timeline." - Kevin Deabler, Rode Architects

Are you ready to invest in peace of mind? Existing Conditions is here to ensure your projects are done right on the first try. To see how Existing Conditions can assist your firm, contact us here.

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Jared Curtis

Written by Jared Curtis

President, Existing Conditions