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Working together

  • What information will I need in order to get a quote?

    A good place to start is with the following basic information:

    • The address of the buildings
    • The approximate square footage of the building and the areas you need measured
    • Is the building occupied, and can we work during normal business hours
    • Do you happen to have any old drawings, site plan, images, or any other back up information you can send
    • What will you need from us for a deliverable, meaning 2D Autocad, 3D Revit/BIM, 3D scan data only Floor plans, exterior elevations, MEP drawings, etc.


    We will always reach back out to you with questions in advance of our quote to be sure we are getting you exactly what you need.

  • Is my project too large (or small)?

    We work on building and projects of all sizes, from small retail and residential spaces up to entire university campuses and institution-wide documentation.

  • Do we travel for projects?

    Yes. We can work with you no matter where your project is. We routinely work throughout the United States, North America, United Kingdom and the European Union.


Skills and Expertise

  • What is our core expertise?

    Our core expertise is existing building surveys, 3D laser scanning and BIM model development. Our staff all have a background in the building industry, and have worked to create architectural and mechanical drawings. We understand the needs of the AEC community, because we have all worked there, and understand the language of buildings.

  • What technology do you use to collect field data?

    We use a full spectrum of laser scanning equipment from companies including Leica and FARO 3D. Depending on the project we would deploy the scanner that best fits the needs of the project.

  • How do you create your drawings?

    Our deliverables are driven by your scope and your needs. We will customize our level of detail to suit your needs. When quoting the project we will provide you with what will be included in the drawings and what our scope will be. Before we create CAD drawings or BIM models for you, our BIM managers will contact you to review the laser scan data if needed, to be sure we are getting you as much situational awareness as possible.



  • What does this cost? Do you have a rate sheet?

    Each project is quoted in a custom way, because each building, project and scope is unique. We have a 20 year history of saving our clients money and time, and delivering work of superior quality.

  • What if we need more information after project delivery?

    We view our work with you as a collaboration. We are here to help in any way we can throughout the course of the project, and the next one. Our goal is to become your go to source for creating accurate existing conditions documentation.

  • What format do you deliver your work in?

    3D laser scan data can be delivered in a variety of formats, while our drawings are primarily delivered in either Autocad .DWG file or Revit .RVT file, we can also export to all known CAD platforms as well as PDF format.


Other Questions

  • Why should we hire Existing Conditions?

    We are very proud of the fact that we have become the go to source for many of the leading firms in the AEC /RE industries, and have a portfolio second to none. Our clients rely on us to provide them with situational awareness on their projects, and we have a demonstrated record of executing projects on time, on budget, and of superior quality. Reliability, honesty, quality.

  • Is laser scanning safe?

    The scanner is a "Class 1" laser , meaning it is no more powerful than a "supermarket checkout laser scanner." These lasers pose no harm to people or buildings. The scanner hardware itself is portable and quiet, and can be used around people, so there will not be any need to limit your on-site operations. 3D laser scanning is a safe process used in the building industry for about 20 years. Our field crews are professionals and always employ high standards of safety on job sites.

  • What should I expect when you scan my space?

    We will have a small, uniformed crew on site with a small tripod mounted 3D laser scanner. From time to time we may use other noninvasive equipment. We will move around the exterior and interior perimeter of the building and roof to collect scan data, dependent on the project scope.


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