3D Point Cloud

Millions of points at the correct X, Y, & Z

3D point clouds are composed of millions of points at the correct X, Y, and Z coordinates with greyscale or color information assigned. This form of Reality Capture represents the precise condition of a building or space, and works best with modeling software (such as Revit).

3D point cloud data is generated by 3D Laser Scanners. These are lidar-based tools that use visible light to capture information about a space. The precision and clarity of the point cloud depends on the equipment which is used to capture the data. When scan data is collected with the high-quality instruments we employ, the result is an extremely accurate, high-definition point cloud which we can use to create very accurate drawings and BIM models.


Utilizing this laser-accurate, 3D point cloud technology, we can give our clients situational awareness about their building; site scape information, distance to neighboring buildings, sagging floors, bowing and tilting walls, deflected beams, cracked foundations, or anything within the scanner's line of sight. All this data is captured by the 3D laser scanner and can be evaluated with BIM software like Revit.

Many of our clients utilize this 3D point cloud data as a historical record of the conditions of the building or site at the time of survey. This data can be used for historical preservation, legal documentation, construction progress surveys, and more.

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