Laser scanning accuracy

Incredibly accurate information

In order for construction-grade laser scanning technology to be useful, it needs to provide a great deal of accuracy. And not every laser scanner provides the necessary accuracy for important projects.

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How accurate is our laser scanning technology?

When you work with Existing Conditions, you can rest assured we work with only the most technologically advanced laser scanning technology. We use a full spectrum of laser scanning equipment from companies including Leica and FARO 3D. Depending on the project, we deploy the scanner that is best suited to your needs.

This technology provides incredibly accurate information, but just how precise is the data? 

Let’s consider the Leica RTC 360 for example. 

It has impressive 18”angular accuracy, as well as range accuracy of 1.0 mm + 10 ppm. It’s 3D point accuracy is 1.9 mm @ 10m, 2.9 mm @ 20 m, and 5.3 mm @ 40 m. It gathers low noise data to allow for better images, with crisp, high-quality scans rich in detail and ready to use in a range of applications. It also has a measuring rate of up to 2 million points per second, as well as an advanced HDR imaging system. Ultimately, the creation of colored 3D point clouds can be completed in under 2 minutes.