Laser scanning accuracy

Accurate Information

Laser scanning accuracy is a critical factor in construction-grade laser scanning technology. Ensuring the highest level of precision is essential for reliable data capture. At Existing Conditions, we utilize advanced laser scanning equipment from reputable manufacturers such as Leica, NavVis, and FARO 3D to achieve this accuracy.

How accurate is our laser scanning technology?

Consider the Leica RTC 360 as an example. This scanner offers impressive specifications:

  • Angular Accuracy: The Leica RTC 360 provides an angular accuracy of 18 inches, ensuring precise data collection.

  • Range Accuracy: With a range accuracy of 1.0 mm and an additional 10 parts per million (ppm), it delivers accurate distance measurements.

  • 3D Point Accuracy: This scanner achieves precision with 3D point accuracy of 1.9 mm at 10 meters, 2.9 mm at 20 meters, and 5.3 mm at 40 meters.

  • High-Quality Scans: The Leica RTC 360 captures data with low noise, resulting in detailed, high-quality scans suitable for various applications.

  • Rapid Data Capture: With a measuring rate of up to 2 million points per second and an advanced High Dynamic Range (HDR) imaging system, it efficiently captures data.

  • Swift 3D Point Cloud Creation: Notably, the Leica RTC 360 can generate colored 3D point clouds in less than 2 minutes, facilitating quick data visualization.

These specifications highlight the scanner's capabilities in providing precise data for a range of applications. While our focus is on delivering accurate information, we recognize the importance of objective data to meet project requirements.

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