Benefits of digitizing a building

Digital documentation to ensure success

The benefits of 3D laser scanning over other measurements are nothing short of impressive. The information captured by a 3D laser scanner is richer and more accurate than any other method, and even better, it can be done in the blink of an eye. In fact, a single laser scanner can capture up to a million 3D data points per second. 

Thanks to the incredibly precise and accurate information obtained from 3D laser scanning, shut-down times and operational interruptions for clients are minimized. With the accuracy of the information on your side, 3D laser scanning also helps you avoid the cost of equipment rentals and manual measurement, as well as major project delays and interruptions.

Our 3D laser scanning and BIM documentation provide you with the most cost-effective and accurate option for digitizing future or existing conditions of a building. There are significant advantages to having this digitized footprint of your structure or property, including:

  • A better understanding of the proposed design
  • Significant cost savings throughout the course of a project
  • Enhancing customers’ business models
  • Avoiding logistical issues, rework, and costly mistakes
  • Universal accessibility of the data
  • Can be used for performing studies and diagnostics
  • Analysis and simulation capabilities
  • Allows for more precise control over costs and schedules
  • Sustainability benefits including increased energy-efficiency and fewer wasted resources and materials
  • Validate designs early
  • Increasing governmental adoption

Different industries can benefit from BIM in different ways. But there are a handful of benefits that extend to every industry. Most notably, the accuracy and precision you get from this process as opposed to others. By starting off on the right foot, you can eliminate major headaches and disruptions throughout the course of a project.

BIM also enables any project to run more efficiently because you know you have accurate and reliable data to rely on. That means you won’t waste time or money on additional measurements or have to shut down your operation for the process to take place.

Building information modeling can help you improve assets and their value. For example, in multifamily residential construction, BIM is used to harness data to maximize rental income and perform intelligent needs assessments. Another example is the use of BIM for stadium construction. Using reality capture and building information models, assets are improved, risks are minimized, and you’re able to create the best experience for fans.

There are also many benefits to BIM when it comes to data and security. Critical facilities can return to security first principles with our 3D laser scanning and BIM technology. Using the information our services provide, you’re able to strengthen data centers and command centers. Medical facilities can also benefit from BIM as they’re able to use it to maintain rigorous privacy standards.

BIM can drastically reduce site visit times because it allows you to perform remote inspections of a property and measure while offsite. When you have a precise digital blueprint of a structure or object at your fingertips, you can trust that you’re making well informed decisions about a project even when you’re off site.