Benefits of digitizing a building

Reliability, value, and peace of mind

The benefits of 3D laser scanning over other measurements are nothing short of impressive. The information captured by a 3D laser scanner is richer and more accurate than any other method, and even better, it can be done in the blink of an eye. In fact, a single laser scanner can capture up to a million 3D data points per second. 


Reasons to choose digital documentation for your building 

There are significant advantages to having this digitized footprint of your structure or property, including:

  • Incomparable precision and accuracy 
  • Improved efficiency
  • A better understanding of the proposed design
  • Fewer site visits
  • Significant cost savings throughout the course of a project
  • Enhancing customers’ business models
  • Avoiding logistical issues, rework, and costly mistakes
  • Universal accessibility of the data
  • Added security and peace of mind
  • Can be used for performing studies and diagnostics
  • Analysis and simulation capabilities
  • Increased asset value
  • Allows for more precise control over costs and schedules
  • Sustainability benefits including increased energy-efficiency and fewer wasted resources and materials
  • Validate designs early
  • Increasing governmental adoption
  • Collecting field data