Common delays

Obstacles make a difference in timing

If your scope includes obscured elements such as electrical outlets or switches behind furniture or other encumbrances, it is necessary to move or remove such obstacles prior to arrival. 

Other common causes for delay on-site include:

  • Access – not having the latest set of keys or door code necessary to enter all of the property
  • Last-minute notice – in some buildings, tenants must be given advance notice of work 
  • Weather – exterior scanning can be delayed or canceled if weather is severe
  • Government order – some governments mandate prohibited periods of construction activity
  • Construction sites – any disruption such as vibration can impact the scanning procedure
  • Furniture – blocking electrical outlets or any hidden components
  • Ceiling tiles – ACT and suspended ceiling systems must be selectively removed before our crews arrive on-site–we cannot scan through ceiling tiles

Unfortunately, today's most advanced scanning technology does not have the ability to capture spatial data directly behind solid objects. If you are unable to remove these types of obstacles, please let us know so we can factor that into our delivery estimates.


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