Document Scanning & Digital Storage Services

Digitally transform your plan room and centralize your information

Secure, Collaborative Access to Your Information

In a hybrid world of paper and electronic information, professionals in the building industry can benefit greatly from a unified view of their information. Without an organized system for managing the information about your buildings, you and your team may be forced to spend precious time searching for what you need. And when you do find the information you need, if it’s in a physical paper format you still can’t easily access or share information with others, especially your remote workforce.

Through a combination of Existing Conditions' document scanning expertise, infrastructure, and a modern, secure cloud storage repository, we can help you find what you need – quickly, affordably, and seamlessly. We'll help you prioritize and achieve your goals through a structured digitization process.

Your document scanning will be done by Existing Conditions – the provider that you already trust with your building documentation. We know the language of buildings, and can help you manage the entire information lifecycle for both your physical and digital information. You’ll be able to centrally access information about your buildings, freeing up valuable workspace and simplifying how you manage your data.

How Document Scanning & Digital Storage Works

You can count on Existing Conditions' experts. They have the experience, workflows, and infrastructure to scan, index, and ensure quality control to meet your requirements. See below for a closer look at how our structured process can produce better visibility into your information:

 Document Scanning Graphic

Features and Benefits of Digitization

With Existing Conditions' Document Scanning & Digital Storage Services you’ll be able to:

Free Up Space
Leverage Existing Conditions' experience, equipment, and expertise to convert your physical documents into digital files. Get organized and free up space in your workplace that was previously used for document storage.
Securely Protect Your Information
Data security is paramount to us at Existing Conditions. That is why our servers adhere to the strictest security and privacy standards. We are proud to be responsible stewards of your valuable data, and are happy to host the files for you now, and in the future. Role-based permissions enable authorized users to access only the information that they need.
Centralize Access
We can ingest documents from other locations, such as other cloud storage platforms, enterprise content management systems, and file sharing links from third-parties. We centrally store scanned and digitally-native documents for enhanced visibility and access.
Quickly Search
By establishing a logical organization system for your digitized files, your team will be empowered to quickly find the information that they are looking for. Whether it is a PDF, CAD file, or BIM project, structured organization pays huge dividends in the amount of time it saves your team. 

Next Steps

To achieve the full benefits of digitizing your plans and as-built drawings, you need to build from a strong foundation. So before you dive into the digital transformation of your building documentation, chat with us! We can help you organize and unlock value from your paper and digital assets, no matter the format. 
If you'd like to learn more, please visit our website, check out our portfolio, or contact us to connect with a member of our team.