General contractors

General contractors leverage our service from planning to punch-list

For decades, the best builders and general contractors in the world have worked with Existing Conditions. 

Here are some of the ways they benefit from our technology: 

  • Accurate Information: Provide stakeholders with accurate, up-to-date information throughout a project and give them a chance to adjust their plans before expensive work begins. 
  • Visualization: Get a visual of the final result before construction even begins and make more informed decisions as you go.
  • Communication: A digital footprint of a project makes communication and collaboration much more efficient. Projects and plans can be reviewed remotely, from anywhere in the world. 
  • Safety: With laser scanning and BIM, you can spot hazards or construction vulnerabilities without ever stepping on site. Fewer site visits also mean helping to safeguard clients from on-site hazards.

To learn more about why companies like Shawmut, Suffolk, Turner, and Gilbane rely on the data we provide them with, click here.