MEP/FP Documentation

Mechanical, electrical, and plumbing equipment

Our team has decades of experience when it comes to delivering accurate building documentation of MEP and fire suppression systems. We've had the privilege to work on some of the most historic and high profile projects in the country.

An MEP Plan shows all of the visible electrical equipment, components and fixtures in the structure, mechanical ducting, plumbing mains, and important terminals. This can also include items like meters, panels, transformers, outlets, data jacks, and lights.


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3D Revit model of a complex mechanical room

We use laser scanning to perform reality capture as the base for 3D Revit drawings. All elements requested that are visible and accessible at the time of the survey will be located and drawn, at a moderate level of detail, orthogonally.

What is included in interior MEP/FP drawings?

Interior MEP / FP drawings often include:
  • Mechanical equipment
  • HVAC runs
  • Piping runs
  • Electrical runs

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We will model elements according to their correct size and location. Often, this means modeling elements greater than 2 1/2” in diameter including any insulation. We do not typically provide details such as joints, valves, hangers or uses and functions. However, we have worked alongside many professionals that can offer these detailed services.
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