Mobile devices and point cloud data

Using them together

There are many web hosted services that can be used to publish point cloud data for mobile devices but these usually have a monthly or yearly subscription as well as a fee per amount of data stored. Examples of these services can be found here for Faro scans and Leica Scans (you must register to view Leica TruView Cloud data).

Free viewing tools for point cloud data are currently incompatible with mobile devices or Mac OS. These software will only run on a Windows machine.
For enterprise level users, there are hosted server applications that can be purchased and hosted in-house. This is a better solution for large institutions that want to make their data accessible to users on mobile and Mac OS platforms. This is available for Leica scans.

It is possible to view point cloud data on a mobile device if a Remote Desktop application is used on the mobile device to access a Windows PC which is running the software. Chrome Remote Desktop is an application that is free and easy to use for accessing your desktop while in the field. This option will only allow one person to access the data on one machine at a time.


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