Physical limitations on site

Many sites require unique tactics

In the world of laser scanning, we understand that every site is unique, and some present special challenges due to their physical limitations. These limitations often revolve around issues of line-of-sight or the need for enhanced safety precautions. However, our expertise in laser scanning allows us to navigate these challenges effectively. Here's how:

  1. Line-of-Sight Difficulties: Some sites pose challenges related to line-of-sight for laser scanning equipment. This can occur when scans need to be conducted safely from the ground or require a cautious distance due to site constraints. Despite these challenges, laser scanning's non-contact nature makes it a powerful tool for addressing such complexities.

  2. Special Applications: Certain projects, like those involving healthcare facilities, may have unique requirements, such as scanning above-ceiling MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing) features while maintaining negative airflow or navigating congested interstitial spaces with limited access. Laser scanning's ability to capture data remotely and accurately makes it an ideal solution for tackling these complex scenarios.

Our commitment to precision and safety ensures that we can adapt to any site limitations and deliver the necessary data for your project. We leverage laser scanning technology to provide comprehensive and reliable results, even in the most challenging environments.


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