Respect is at the core of what we do

Respecting Privacy at Existing Conditions

At Existing Conditions, we are not only pioneers in creating precise digital versions of the built environment but are also deeply committed to respecting the privacy of individuals residing or working in the spaces we survey. Our approach to privacy is grounded in both our professional ethics and our understanding of the vital importance of personal space and information. Here's how we ensure that privacy is upheld:

  1. Advanced Notice: Before any scanning project begins, occupants of the building are typically given advanced notice. This allows them to be informed about our processes and to prepare or remove any personal items if they choose.

  2. No Personal Data Collection: Our reality capture tools, including laser scanning and drone imaging, are operated specifically to capture relevant architectural details and not personal or identifiable information. Any inadvertent capture of personal items is discarded or edited out of the project deliverables.

  3. Trained Professionals: Our team is trained to be respectful and discreet. They understand the importance of privacy and are instructed to avoid capturing areas that might compromise an individual's personal information.

  4. Secure Data Handling: All captured data is stored securely, with stringent protocols in place to prevent unauthorized access. We utilize industry-leading encryption and cybersecurity measures to ensure that the data remains confidential.

  5. Transparency: We maintain open communication with property owners, managers, and occupants. If there are any concerns or questions about our processes or the data we capture, we are always available to address them.

Existing Conditions is proud to set industry standards not just in the quality of our surveys, but also in our commitment to privacy and respect. Trust is the foundation of our partnerships, and we strive every day to earn and maintain that trust.