Reflected Ceiling Plan (RCP)

Also known as an RCP

The Reflected Ceiling Plan, or "RCP", is a mirror reflection of the Floor Plan. Whereas the Floor Plan looks down, the RCP looks up. A Reflecting Ceiling Plan might include beams, ceilings, moldings, and ceiling-mounted devices such as lights, vents, and sprinklers (depending on your needs, and what is visible at the time of the survey). The RCP helps an architect understand how the ceiling is constructed, as well as what existing electrical and HVAC components are there for consideration with a remodel. An RCP might also include piping and ductwork, but those items fall under a separate deliverable called an MEP Plan, as this information requires special scanning and modeling efforts.


Below: Reflected Ceiling Plan of 51 Madison Avenue, illustrating MEP and structural elements

51 Madison Floors - Reflected Ceiling Plan - 3B

Below: Reflected Ceiling Plan of NYSE Board Room, documenting precise architectural details

Screen Shot 2021-06-10 at 2.21.11 PM