"Scan accuracy" vs. "Site accuracy"

Laboratory precision vs. Real-world conditions

Existing Conditions works with the most technologically advanced laser scanning technology. We use a full spectrum of laser scanning equipment from world-class companies including Leica and FARO. Depending on the project, we deploy the scanner that is best suited to your needs.

However, there is an important difference between the accuracy of these tools in isolated laboratory conditions versus real-world scenarios. When laser scanning tools are calibrated in the lab after manufacturing, the technicians measure a variety of accuracy metrics in order to be confident that a quality product is being distributed. These measurements are made under the most stable conditions possible – little to no vibration in the space, strong and consistent lighting, and freshly calibrated equipment.

As can be expected under these near-perfect conditions, the accuracy of the tool is simply incredible. You can truly create laser accurate measurements in this manner. For instance, you have a margin of error of under 2mm from 20 meters away.

Out in the field, conditions are different. While Existing Conditions makes every effort to create the most accurate set of drawings possible, it is very rare to have ideal conditions such as those in the manufacturer's lab.

Sometimes there is a vibration in the space due to construction or a passing vehicle. Lighting is often inconsistent, causing mild interference with the laser on occasion. And for the sake of being able to quickly get clients the deliverables they need, our team doesn't calibrate the scanner after every single scan. That would be like getting an oil change for your car after every drive! Like a well-maintained car, we have our scanners serviced regularly, per the manufacturer's recommendations.

Existing Conditions has a strong track record of getting clients what they need – well within the tolerances they require for their projects. You can count on us to deliver accurate, high-quality documentation of your building using the best methods and tools available.


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