Survey control

A set of points in space that are known and used as reference

Real estate developments and construction projects often involve different teams of surveys. On a regular basis, these industry professionals undertake various types of surveys depending on the client requirements. These will vary from existing conditions surveys, land surveys, infrastructure surveys, and more.

A control point is a point on the ground or any permanent structure whose horizontal and vertical location and position is know. This point is used to establish survey control. Multiple control points increase the accuracy of the survey control system and are used as a starting point of all types of survey. When required, a land surveying firm typically establishes survey control on the project.

Every surveyor can benefit from starting with a known set of control points or benchmarks. This allows their surveys to be coordinated with the others' work, even if that work took place in the past or has not yet been executed. Once a survey is carried out using this system of survey control, it can be imported and added to other drawings on the same system of control points. This allows cross-disciplinary teams to compare their work and make important design and construction decisions based on accurate data.