Viewing point cloud data locally on a mac

Your best option is an emulator

Viewing Point Cloud Data on a Mac

When it comes to viewing point cloud data on a Mac, the best option typically involves the use of an emulator. It's important to note that most native point cloud viewing software designed for Leica and Faro scanners is incompatible with the Mac OS.

Emulator Solution

Many clients have found success using virtualization tools such as Bootcamp or Parallels to run specific software designed for point cloud viewing:

  • Leica Scans: Leica's TruView and Jetstream software, which are Windows OS-based, can be run on a Mac using virtualization tools. This approach allows Mac users to access and work with point cloud data generated from Leica scanners effectively.

  • Faro Scans: Faro's Scene2Go software, also Windows OS-based, can be made compatible with Mac through virtualization. Please note that there may be additional costs associated with using this format of scan data on Mac.

  • Faro Scene LT: Depending on hardware requirements, Faro's Scene LT software may also be an option for Mac users. This software is specifically designed for point cloud processing and visualization.

These virtualization tools essentially create a Windows environment within your Mac system, enabling you to run Windows-based software seamlessly. While it's a workaround, it allows Mac users to take full advantage of the functionality provided by these specialized point cloud viewing tools. See Hardware Requirements for more information.

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