Virtual Site Visits

Simple, Powerful, Affordable

Existing Conditions' Virtual Site Visits platform is an easy and low-cost way to access spatial data of your building or project – from any device and without any burdensome downloads. We take the measurements captured by our team on-site and turn this reality capture data into an easy-to-use digital twin. In effect, our approach transforms buildings and assets into intelligent spaces for owners, facilities managers, architects, and contractors. 

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Virtual Site Visit example of the Brooklyn Borough Hall in Brooklyn, New York.

With Existing Conditions' Virtual Site Visits platform, point clouds of buildings and assets are transformed into web-based spaces for every stakeholder working on your project. The result is a digital twin for smart collaboration and decision making, closing the gap between the physical and digital world.

  • User-friendly and intuitive design makes digital buildings accessible to every stakeholder
  • Make informed decisions and avoid rework with real world representations of as-is conditions
  • Smart remote collaboration tools enable improved efficiency in planning, design, engineering, and operations
  • Whether remote or on-site, interacting with the digital twin allows teams to better understand what they are truly working with


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