Where to store point cloud data

A local machine is best

Managing Large Point Cloud Data

Point cloud data, typically ranging from 2GB to 70GB or even larger, contains extensive information that is invaluable for various purposes. While the local machine is indeed the optimal place to utilize point cloud data due to its performance advantages, several key considerations must be kept in mind.

Checking Local Storage Space

Before downloading point cloud data, it is crucial to ensure that your local machine has adequate storage capacity to accommodate the file sizes. The substantial size of point cloud data files necessitates a sufficient amount of available storage to prevent issues during the download and usage processes.

Optimal Storage Location for RCS Files

Point cloud data can indeed be stored on servers for centralized access and management. However, when it comes to Autodesk software like Revit or AutoCAD, it is highly advantageous to have the corresponding RCS (Reality Capture Scan) files located on the local machine. This configuration facilitates faster refreshment of views and improved software performance.

Learn More About Downloading Point Cloud Data

If you are interested in gaining a deeper understanding of the process of downloading point cloud data and ensuring its seamless integration into your workflow, we offer comprehensive information on the topic. To access additional insights and guidance, you can refer to our dedicated resource on [downloading point cloud data](link to the relevant page).

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