Why choose Existing Conditions?

Cutting-edge tech, industry expertise, and professional support

Maybe you've considered other options for laser scanning, including working with a competitor or renting and buying your own equipment. However, Existing Conditions offers our clients what many of the other options cannot. 

We consider ourselves collaborators on your project, and will work with you throughout the lifespan of the project. We won't just deliver drawings and then disappear, we will work with you to make sure you have what you need and know how best to use it, whether that's one week from delivery or two years down the road.

Among the many other reasons to choose Existing Conditions are:

Cutting-edge technology — Existing Conditions uses the latest technology, equipment, and software. To learn more about the technology we use, click here.

Background — All of our staff have worked in or been trained by industry professionals, and some have even been BIM Managers for large architectural firms. We understand what you need because we've been on your side of the table. Our models are constructed to your standards so you can begin your work on day one, not spend unnecessary time onboarding our model into your workflow.

Industry trends — Laser scanning is a relatively new technology and, like so many other technologies, the industry changes quickly. Existing Conditions uses laser scanning technology every day and because it is our sole specialty, we are always up to date on trends in the industry. Our clients can then focus on what they do best.

Training — Existing Conditions technicians receive formal training directly from laser scanner manufacturers. They also receive comprehensive instruction from our experienced in-house technicians. Our team of professionals are entirely devoted to scanning and processing the scan data, which means we've developed the processes to work quickly, precisely, and knowledgeably.

Expertise — The team at Existing Conditions brings combined expertise to each project, from architecture to engineering, construction, information technology, and much more. This combined expertise is integral to providing our clients with incredible service and optimal deliverables. 

Click here to learn more about how we apply our expertise in the field each day. 

Professional support — We have a trained office support team that is available to assist clients with questions and other information. 

Client-focused approach — Not only do we listen and respond to our clients’ requests as they arise, but we also pride ourselves on anticipating their needs so we can offer ideas and add even more value to our service. 



If you'd like to learn more, please visit our website, check out our portfolio, or contact us to connect with a member of our team.