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Sheraton Boston Hotel

Nestled at 39 Dalton Street in Boston's Back Bay neighborhood, the Sheraton Boston Hotel stands as one of Boston's most recognized buildings. 

Over the course of several years, we were entrusted with the task of conducting a comprehensive scan and modeling of this structure. The scope of this project encompasses a dual-purpose transformation, where some portions of the building will retain their hotel functionality, while others are being converted into college dormitories for Northeastern University. 

Our involvement in this project proved to be extremely rewarding, as we were able to work closely with the building owners and their representatives, as well as the architects. This collaborative effort enabled us to gain a deep understanding of their unique requirements and deliver a comprehensive set of drawings that met their needs.

Location:      Boston, Massachusetts

Client:           Hawkins Way Capital Investors

Services:       2D CAD, Floor Plans, Reflected Ceiling Plans

Categories:   Hospitality

Equipment:   Leica RTC360

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Point Cloud
Website Portfolio pages - 2023-09-15T115440.645
Floor Plan
Website Portfolio pages - 2023-09-15T115509.231
Reflected Ceiling Plan
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3D BIM Model
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Exterior Elevation

Existing Conditions collaborates closely with all clients, and although it is not formal, we see each project as a partnership, as we are both stakeholders in the success.