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65 Pearl Street/100 River Street 

Existing Conditions successfully scanned a combined area of 132,000 square feet, comprising four historical buildings spanning across the two properties, along with a pedestrian bridge. The thorough documentation provided our clients with an unparalleled understanding of their property.

This newfound situational awareness empowered them to begin their project with confidence.

Location:      Springfield, Vermont

Client:           Kramer + Marks Architects

Services:       3D Revit, 2D CAD, Floor Plans, Exterior Elevations, Roof Plan, Reflected Ceiling Plans, MEP/FP Documentation

Categories:   Industrial Mill Building, Historic

Equipment:  Leica RTC360

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3D BIM Model
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Floor Plan
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Exterior Elevation
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Exterior Elevation
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Floor Plan

Existing Conditions collaborates closely with all clients, and although it is not formal, we see each project as a partnership, as we are both stakeholders in the success.