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The Little Building

The Little Building in Boston, known as the "City Under One Roof," was a pioneering structure when constructed in the early 1900s. Initially, a land surveyor was hired by Elkus Manfredi Architects for architectural drawings, but then recommended involving the Existing Conditions team instead. Faced with significant deterioration, Existing Conditions created a Building Information Model of the occupied building's exterior shell and interior.

The extensive renovation plans involved demolishing the four exterior walls while preserving the columns and floor slabs, resulting in a complete redesign. Over a decade, this ambitious project successfully preserved the building's historical significance while creating a lively and eco-friendly urban environment.

Location:       Boston, MA

Client:            Elkus Manfredi and Emerson College

Services:        2D CAD, Exterior Elevations, Floor Plans, Roof Plans, Reflected Ceiling Plans

Categories:    Artifact/Mesh Scanning, Historic, Academic

Equipment:   Hand-held scanner that gets accuracy of the sub-millimeter level

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Existing Conditions collaborates closely with all clients, and although it is not formal, we see each project as a partnership, as we are both stakeholders in the success.