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Worcester Memorial Auditorium

The historic Worcester Memorial Auditorium and DBVW Architects selected Existing Conditions based on our experience and portfolio to complete a full scan of the property. Located in Lincoln Square, this building was built in 1933 to commemorate the sacrifices of Worcester citizens during war times.

To prepare for future renovations, Existing Conditions scanned the interior and exterior of the building, which has been vacant for over 20 years. Existing Conditions utilized the Faro scanner for this project and documented over 100,000 square feet of space.

Location:      Worcester, Massachusetts

Client:           DBVW Architects

Services:       3D Revit, 2D CAD, Floor Plans, Exterior Elevations, Roof Plans

Categories:   Historic, Theater

Equipment:  FARO Focus S 350, Leica RTC360

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Exterior Elevation

Existing Conditions collaborates closely with all clients, and although it is not formal, we see each project as a partnership, as we are both stakeholders in the success.