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Existing Conditions Announces 3D Laser Scanner Donation to The Boston Architectural College

By Jared Curtis on Jul 14, 2022 5:17:11 PM

{Boston, MA, June 16, 2022} – Existing Conditions founder and CEO Kurt Yeghian announced the donation of a FARO X-120 3D laser scanner with software, valued at over $30,000, to his alma mater the Boston Architectural College (BAC) to be used in training future architects.

"What I learned at the BAC has helped me make more informed decisions in the profession for over 25 years. It's exciting to give back to the next generation,” said Yeghian, an alumnus. “They are a great school, they’re involved in the community, and we’re pleased we can contribute our expertise, experience, and now, some of our 3D laser scanning technology.”

The Boston Architectural College’s mission is to provide excellence in design education that is rooted in practice and is accessible to diverse communities. The school started as a professional society in 1889. In 1971, the program became the first in the United States to offer a work component. As of 2009, the BAC had one of the largest faculty and student bodies of New England architecture programs, as well as one of the lowest tuition rates. The BAC has maintained its open admission policy, affordability, dedicated faculty, and value of academic and experiential learning throughout its history.

Existing Conditions contacted BAC Associate Director of Alumni Relations and Development, Eliza Wilson, to develop a working relationship with the school, offer 3D laser scanning expertise to students, and to partner with the college in giving back to the community. The laser scanning, drone survey, BIM, and CAD services company participated in a small number of the school’s industry round table discussions and continues to look for ways to spread its CEO’s message, “The old ways don’t work anymore.”

The BAC has fostered the growth of many well-known alumni including Arcangelo Cascieri, Charles L. Fletcher, Glenn Gissler, William Sutherland Maxwell, Louis Skidmore, Edward Durell Stone, Wallace Harrison, and Buckminster Fuller. The college continues to impact the architectural community through its commitment and vision, by promoting social justice, through its global network, by being a full-spectrum education partner and a cutting-edge intellectual leader, by promoting design literacy and resilience, and by continuing as a robust institution into the future.

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