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Improve properties, optimize asset performance, and minimize risk.


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We leverage Reality Capture and 3D laser scanning technologies to quickly deliver Building Information Models (or BIM, for short). These foundational digital assets provide situational awareness and actionable data to the commercial real estate industry.




A deep understanding of your needs

We know firsthand and through deep market research that BIM provides substantial benefits to a wide array of customers throughout real estate asset classes in diverse markets around the world. We have also witnessed consistent customer success throughout our 20 years in the business of providing professionals with reliable digital models of the built world. By maintaining our professionalism, our product’s value, and our genuine passion for our customers’ success, we will continue to get you what you need through our demonstrated ability to execute.

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Locations Nationwide

3D Laser Scanners

Million Square Feet Modeled

Building Intelligence

Existing Conditions measures and models approximately 40,000,000 square feet of space each year. Architectural existing conditions surveys, drawings, and digital models are our core products. By using the latest laser technology, a comprehensive proprietary workflow, and a highly trained staff, we have built an impressive portfolio of work. 


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"Existing Conditions is a pioneer in providing architects, engineers, builders, owners, and real estate professionals with the information necessary to improve properties, optimize asset performance, and minimize risk."

Our field operatives are more than just hired hands – they hold real-world experience in the architecture and real estate industries that allow them to truly understand projects from a customer’s perspective. Due to our consummate reliability and reputation in the data capture market, we’ve been privileged to have scanned and modeled everything from the Pentagon to the New York Stock Exchange, from Carnegie Hall to the US Capitol Building.




We enable professionals to turn real estate into a digital asset that’s both rich in information and highly accessible. This is the result of our innovative approach towards gathering and modeling data, the unbeatable quality of our work, and the complete reliability we provide our customers.

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Reliable and Precise

We provide situational awareness and data-readiness to the commercial real estate industry. By choosing not to overdevelop our product line, we are able to understand customer needs at a much more granular level. This improves the customer experience dramatically in comparison to a surveying or construction firm.

Our product is less expensive and delivered more quickly. We hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards of quality. Customers can expect for issues to be escalated promptly when required, and for the product delivery process to be quick and painless. 




Start accurate & Stay accurate

By working with Existing Conditions, a customer knows that they will be delivered exactly what they need. They benefit from the certainty to proceed with complete confidence regarding their project’s physical parameters. This elimination of potential rework and wasted time is extremely important to our customers, who are often operating on strict development or construction timelines.

We deliver a valuable product that can be leveraged in a number of different ways by a number of different real estate professionals. Due to the fact that most of our team has real world experience in the architecture, engineering, and construction industries, we understand client needs at a granular level and approach our work with their perspective and satisfaction top of mind.


Reliable. Precise. High-performance. 


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