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2023: in Review

2023: in Review

Let's reflect on 2023 at Existing Conditions—a year of growth, achievement, and collective dedication. This recap delves into our commitment to exceeding expectations, starting from Kurt Yeghian's message to the accomplishments of our team. Join us in recollecting key moments and looking ahead to an exciting 2024.

A Message From Our Founder & CEO

In the words of our Founder & CEO, Kurt Yeghian, “As we look back on 2023 and all the challenges we faced but overcame, we should all take a reflective moment and be proud of what we have accomplished as a company and as a service provider for our many friends and partners. 

During this challenging economic year, we completed projects, overcame many obstacles, and never lost sight of the North Star of the company, which is delivering work, and service of superior quality and accuracy.

Here at Existing Conditions, we continued to expand, we grew our client base and our team, deployed the best equipment, and in doing so, solidified our position as the industry leader. It is with the utmost gratitude that I write this to both our outstanding team and every client we've worked with! Thank you.”


Top Ten Projects of 2023

Throughout this year, we've shared stories about ten remarkable projects, each serving as a testament to our extensive experience, state-of-the-art technology, and expertise. From the highly sought-after Monomoy Road Residence in Nantucket, Massachusetts, to the monumental United States Senate Chamber in Washington, D.C., these chosen projects presented a diverse array of existing structures, spanning various sizes and locations.

case studies

To explore these projects in-depth, please click on the image to access our case studies.

These project highlights showcased our ability to tackle projects with diverse scopes and complexities. Whether it was the restoration of historical landmarks, collaboration with prestigious institutions, or the adaptation of structures for modern use, the selection showcased our contributions to the evolving landscape of the built environment. 

Throughout the year, these ten project highlights collectively stood as a testament to Existing Conditions' industry leadership. Our ongoing commitment revolves around providing clients with unparalleled situational awareness, allowing them to focus on their core strengths with confidence and success.

Watch the video below to delve into Existing Conditions' 'Top Ten Projects of 2023.' Uncover the transformative narratives behind each building.


Team Growth

This year marked significant growth for our team, with the addition of multiple new professionals. Let's introduce the new faces:

  1. Camaron Cole - Product Associate: Camaron, based in Mesa, Arizona, enriches our team with nine years of experience in the BIM/VDC space, with five of those years being inside the prefabricated home space. His hobbies outside of work include car restoration, SCCA racing, CNC machining and programming, and anything his kids are into at the time. He is currently enrolled in classes to pursue an electrical engineering degree.
  2. Shawna Brinkley - Account Executive: Shawna, based in Dallas, Texas, brings a wealth of client relationship management experience, with over ten years of experience in business development, proposal writing, and marketing in the AEC industry. Her background in interior design and hospitality management provides the foundation to exceed client expectations. Outside of work, she enjoys sailing at her sailing club and dreaming of future sailing adventures. 
  3. Stephen Steckel - Account Executive: Stephen, based in Miami, Florida, has a background in architecture and development. Over the last several years, he has built relationships with leaders in the building industry throughout South Florida and New York. He looks forward to expanding Existing Conditions footprint in Miami, and meeting with team members when they visit. 

Notable Events


AIA Conference on Architecture

Reflecting on the notable events of 2023, we are excited to share the success of our participation at the AIA Conference on Architecture. As dedicated Allied Members of various AIA chapters, we had the pleasure of engaging with industry professionals and showcasing our technology, experience, and expertise at our booth.

Amanda Zaslow, Marketing and Public Relations Associate (left), and Charlene Gilman, Account Executive (right) showcasing our work at the AIA Conference on Architecture 2023 in San Francisco, CA.

Amanda Zaslow, Marketing and Public Relations Associate (left), and Charlene Gilman, Account Executive (right) showcasing our work at the AIA Conference on Architecture 2023 in San Francisco, CA.


Are you interested in learning more about our successful partnerships with  various AIA chapters? Visit this page for more information.


This event allowed us to connect with peers, exchange ideas, and expand our network within the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction community. As we review the highlights of 2023, our presence at the AIA Conference stands out as a significant event.

If you missed the chance to join us, no worries! We're excited to announce that we'll be back at the AIA Conference on Architecture & Design 2024 at booth 931. Thank you to everyone who visited our booth and made this conference a memorable experience.


Company Party

Every year, we end the summer season with our much-anticipated annual company celebration. As a fully remote company, this event serves as a rare opportunity for the entire team to assemble and revel in the collective achievements attained throughout the year. This summer, our company party took place at SARTO, located in Providence, Rhode Island, marking an occasion filled with camaraderie and appreciation for the outstanding efforts and successes that define Existing Conditions.

Company Party (2)

Our team getting together at the Annual Company Party.


Existing Conditions Industry Appreciation Night

Our night of celebration and gratitude unfolded at Harpoon Brewery in Boston, MA. This special event marked the second year of our tradition—a way of extending thanks to all our clients for their continued loyalty. Over the years, we've cherished the relationships we've built, and as a token of appreciation, we invited everyone to enjoy a beer with us.

Existing Conditions Industry Appreciation Night (1)

Our team at our second-annual Existing Conditions Industry Appreciation Night.

Whether you've been a longstanding partner or are curious about the world of 3D laser scanning, this gathering provided a unique opportunity. Guests had the chance to explore our cutting-edge equipment, engage with our team, connect with fellow clients, and, of course, enjoy a few drinks. It was an evening dedicated to fostering connections, sharing insights, and raising a glass for the AEC community. Cheers to our clients and the continued success of Existing Conditions!

NavVis VLXNavVis VLX

Our Director of Operations, Holly Vaillancourt demonstrating our NavVis VLX Scanner.


Company Milestones


Projects in 2023

In 2023, we have partnered with the best professionals in the AEC industry nationwide and have showcased our expertise across all project types. Listed below are the three most popular project types in 2023.

  1. Fine homes emerged as the frontrunner, claiming the top spot with an impressive tally of 482 projects ranging from 500 to 25,000 square feet. 
  2. Academic projects claimed the second spot, with a total of 176 completed projects ranging from 2,000 to an impressive 3,200,000 square feet.
  3. Industrial projects are in third place at 170 projects, and we measured 3,500 square feet of space to 600,000 square feet.

Top Projects in 2023


Scope of Work

Each project is unique, resulting in customized proposals tailored to our clients' requirements. Exploring the top three common deliverables in 2023, we showcase our commitment to meeting varied project needs with a customized approach.

  1. Floor Plans: Starting with floor plans, this deliverable was requested for 1,243 projects in 2023. Most architectural projects begin with an accurate floor plan.
  2. Greyscale Laser Scanning: In 2023, greyscale laser scanning ranked second as a requested deliverable for 1,072 projects, which is the default mode for construction-grade 3D scanning. 
  3. 3D Revit Model: The third most commonly requested deliverable in 2023 was the provision of 3D Revit models in 970 projects. Highlighting our experience and expertise in leveraging advanced scanning technologies, we delivered highly detailed 3D Revit models that offer a comprehensive view of projects.

Scope of Work in 2023


New Website Launch

In 2023, Existing Conditions achieved a monumental milestone with the launch of our new website. Fulfilling the vision outlined by the Existing Conditions team, our new website now better reflects our market positioning and brand strengths. Emphasizing our expertise, authority, and top-tier graphics, animations, and videos, the website embodies the voice of authority in the digital realm. This new website launch is more than a digital upgrade; it's a testament to our commitment to delivering a smooth online experience and reinforcing our position as industry leaders.

Two standout features that deserve special mention are our revamped home page and portfolio page. The home page serves as a captivating entry point, offering an easy experience that highlights our expertise and key services. Meanwhile, the portfolio page provides a visually engaging showcase of our diverse range of projects. Stay tuned as we continue to elevate our digital presence.


Industry Recognition


FMForward Conference and Award

Our team had a fantastic time at the 2023 FMForward Conference by IFMA Boston! It marked our inaugural year attending and sponsoring this event, and Existing Conditions received the Excellence in Transformation Award for the Worcester Art Museum project. 

FMForward Conference

Kurt Yeghian, Founder and CEO (left-middle), and Holly Vaillancourt (right-middle) receiving the Excellence in Transformation Award for the Worcester Art Museum at IFMA Boston's FMForward Conference (image courtesy of Merrill Shea Photography).

“Working with the Worcester Art Museum community was a great experience. Being involved in the museum's capital improvement project through our Existing Conditions as-built documentation proved to be an invaluable tool for the museum and it was an honor for Existing Conditions to be recognized for that work through the International Facility Management Association” - Holly Vaillancourt, Director of Operations.

Our Director of Operations, Holly Vaillancourt, and client Seth Wiseman from Conformlab presented a Worcester Art Museum Case Study on Capital Project Management and Accurate Digital Documentation. We look forward to participating in more events like this in the future!

Seth and Holly

Seth and Holly presenting their case study about the award-winning Worcester Art Museum project (image courtesy of Merrill Shea Photography).

Learn more about our award-winning case study here.


Worcester Business Journal’s Outstanding Women in Business Award

As we reflect on the significant milestones of 2023, one standout achievement shines brightly within our team. Our Operations Director, Holly Vaillancourt has been recognized as one of the Worcester Business Journal's Outstanding Women in Business award honorees. This recognition is a testament to Holly's dedication and leadership in the industry.


Holly giving her speech at the Worcester Business Journal’s Outstanding Women in Business Annual Awards Luncheon (image courtesy of the Worcester Business Journal).

“Being recognized by the Worcester Business Journal for my professional achievements as a leader, as well as mentoring women and students in the fields of architecture, engineering, and construction is an honor. I hope that this recognition of my work at Existing Conditions can serve as an inspiration to other women in my profession” - Holly Vaillancourt.

Congratulations, Holly, on this well-deserved honor! Your accomplishments serve as an inspiration to our team and the broader community. We take immense pride in having you as a leader at Existing Conditions, and we look forward to witnessing your continued success.


To learn more about Holly's career, accomplishments, and perspectives, read the  full article here.


AIA Queens Chapter Citation Award

In our second year attending the AIA Queens Holiday Party, we're thrilled to extend our congratulations to our Operations Director, Jesus Bravo. Jesus was honored with the Chapter Citation Award, a testament to his exceptional contributions to the architectural community.

In the words of Jesus, “I am humbled to receive the Chapter Citation Award from the AIA Queens Chapter. I believe in the power of collective efforts, and this award is a testament to the spirit within the chapter. This recognition inspires me to continue my commitment to shaping a vibrant future for our architectural community."Jesus receiving chapter citation award

Jesus accepting the AIA Queens Chapter Citation Award (image courtesy of Gil Vaknin Photography).

This award is in recognition and appreciation of Jesus's outstanding professional service, and we couldn't be prouder to have him on our team. His dedication and impact not only elevate our company but also inspire us all. Congratulations, Jesus, on this well-deserved achievement! We look forward to more years of success and continued contributions.

Jesus and colleagues

Jesus and colleagues at the AIA Queens Holiday Party.


Giving Back


ACE Rhode Island’s Trade Day

​​As part of our ongoing commitment to giving back to the AEC community, our team actively participated in ACE Rhode Island's Trades Day. This event was intended for high school students who are interested in pursuing careers in the trades after graduation. During this event, the students had the opportunity to explore various trade careers and gain valuable insight from industry professionals. 

It was a pleasure to welcome high school students to our booth, offering them insights into the world of 3D laser scanning and the process of producing and delivering accurate, as-built drawings. Building connections with these aspiring industry professionals was truly rewarding.

To the students who visited us, best of luck on your journey towards becoming industry leaders! It's inspiring to witness the next generation taking steps toward their careers. A special thanks to Alex Mendoza of Gilbane and Larry Trim of Kaestle Boos Associates for orchestrating this memorable event. Their efforts contributed to a day filled with knowledge-sharing and the collective growth of our industry. Thank you for making it all happen!


Brian Ely, VP of Operations, sharing his expertise with high school students.


Boston Drone School

Continuing our commitment to community engagement, Joe Sullivan, our Senior Project Manager and Drone Captain volunteered at The Boston Drone School, directed by Greg Blaize, Founder of the school. Joe met the students, and they showed him their soldering project, which will teach them the proper way to solder wires to a board successfully. If they are successful, a light comes on and lets them know that the connections were done correctly. After this, Joe went on to show them a few different drones that he brought with him.

Joe talked about the pros and cons of each drone, and then also talked about different ways of using them in a commercial setting. Afterward, Joe and the students flew a drone indoors at the gym in controlled airspace, resulting in a fun and memorable experience.

Joe's enthusiastic sharing of his expertise not only educated students on drone technology but also included hands-on guidance on flying techniques. This impactful experience further fuels our team's anticipation of attending more classes in the future, solidifying our dedication to giving back to the community.

Joe and student at the Boston Drone School

Joe sharing his expertise with a student at The Boston Drone School.


AIA Queens Whitestone Revitalization Capstone High School Competition

In our commitment to mentorship, Jesus Bravo, our Operations Director, played a crucial role as a mentor in the Whitestone Revitalization Capstone High School Competition. This competition, sponsored by AIA Queens and Councilwoman Vickie Paladino, aimed to inspire and empower young minds to propose innovative ideas for revitalizing the Whitestone area of Queens. As the competition has concluded, we extend our congratulations to team number two for their outstanding winning proposal.

Jesus, Vickie, and colleagues on the Walking Tour, where students interviewed business owners

Jesus, Vickie, and colleagues on the Walking Tour, where students interviewed business owners.


Existing Conditions Innovation Challenge

In a notable stride towards fostering creativity and supporting the next generation of architects, 2023 marked the inaugural year of the Existing Conditions Innovation Challenge. This initiative provided a unique platform for college students in architecture, design, or planning to showcase their skills and innovative ideas.

As part of the Existing Conditions Innovation Challenge from February 27th to September 1st, participants from universities country-wide were eager to contribute to a mixed-use development project, the historic Pemberton Mill in Lawrence, Massachusetts. Through three to five-minute video submissions and three-page PDF design proposals, participants demonstrated their creativity, grounded in independent research and real-world considerations.

3D Revit Model of Pemberton Mill

3D Revit model of Pemberton Mill.

The awards ceremony on September 27th not only celebrated the distinguished finalists, Nicolas Mateus (first-place winner) and Stephanie Colon (second-place winner) but also marked the successful conclusion of our first-year endeavor. 

Explore Nicolas Mateus's award-winning design, 'Threads of Lawrence,' and gain  insights into the creative process that secured his top spot in this interview  blog.

Discover the inspiring journey and innovative designs of Stephanie Colon,  second-place winner of the Existing Conditions Innovation Challenge 2023 in  this interview blog.

As we reflect on this impactful year, the Existing Conditions Innovation Challenge stands as a milestone in our ongoing commitment to empowering forward-thinking students ready to make their mark in the future.


Summer Workshop at Columbia University

Our team of experts participated in the Summer Workshop at Columbia University. Our objective was to collaborate with six talented students as they delved into the realm of documenting, analyzing, and interpreting scan data of the Low Memorial Building. The students delivered an impressive presentation on the accumulation of dust on facades. Their research was greatly enhanced by our scan data, and we are proud of their accomplishments. We would like to extend a thank you to Professor Jorge Otero-Pailos for hosting us in his workshop. Lastly, we look forward to future collaborations with Columbia University!

Endirichard Jolalpa, Project ManagerNew York City Drone Captain (left), and Jesus Bravo (right) giving their expertise to students.

Endirichard Jolalpa, Project Manager/New York City Drone Captain (left), and Jesus Bravo (right) giving their expertise to students.


Paving the Way Forward into 2024

“As we move into 2024, we will continue to focus on delivering our core, top-level service, aiding architects, building owners, facility managers, and commercial real estate professionals in completing projects. They'll start and stay accurate, which will save them time and money. We will also expand our offerings to add world-class consulting to our clients for the life of their design projects and to be there as a resource to help with the ongoing needs of the facility and drawing management” - Kurt Yeghian, Founder & CEO.

From notable projects and team expansion to industry recognition and community engagement, every facet of this year's journey reflects the commitment of our incredible team. As we express gratitude for the milestones achieved, we eagerly anticipate building upon this success in the coming year. Thank you to each member of the Existing Conditions team for making 2023 a truly successful and memorable chapter in our ongoing growth and successful projects.

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