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Existing Conditions’ History, Experience, and Portfolio

Existing Conditions’ History, Experience, and Portfolio

For over 26 years, Existing Conditions has created reliable as-built drawings and existing condition surveys for the best professionals in the building industry. We're your eyes in the field, providing you with situational awareness of your building big and small, near or far.


Our Exceptional Portfolio

Existing Conditions has an exceptional portfolio spanning across the United States. Reflecting on the past two decades, it's astounding to consider the remarkable projects we've been a part of. From the projects at world-renowned institutions like Williams College and Yale, to repeat work at the New York Stock Exchange, our portfolio is a testament to our team's experience and expertise. At Existing Conditions, we leverage cutting-edge technology and will continue to stay at the forefront. This enables architects, facility managers, building owners, and owner’s representatives to access early-stage drawings effortlessly, leading to significant time and cost savings. We take immense pride in the quality of our work and the value we bring to every project.


Our deliverables for the New York Stock Exchange.

Explore our portfolio to witness firsthand how Existing Conditions fosters  successful partnerships through accuracy and reliability in documenting  existing buildings. 


Our Cutting-Edge Technology

Our state-of-the-art laser scanners can capture millions of data points per second. The data is stitched together, providing a three-dimensional representation of the existing space within the line of sight of the scanner. Laser scanning is not subject to human errors and provides more accurate measurements (down to millimeters) than what’s collected by tape measures or hand-held devices. Laser scanning is quick, safe, and non-intrusive – minimizing or eliminating operational shut-downs and client inconvenience. A full scan of your site gives you the ability to later add additional elements to the model and deliverables without necessarily requiring additional site visits.


On-site image of our state-of-the-art Leica RTC360 (1)

On-site image of our Leica RTC360 laser scanning.


History of Existing Conditions

Based in Boston, Existing Conditions has grown from our local roots to become a nationally recognized partner, working on some of the most high-profile projects in the United States. From Boston to California, Existing Conditions has earned a reputation for delivering high-quality, precise data, making us a trusted partner for the best building industry professionals across the country. We are a trusted partner that does not compromise when it comes to meeting our clients’ needs.

Existing Conditions was founded to provide services for a real need. Architectural interns were being sent into the field to hand measure buildings all across the world, but what was being delivered often lacked accuracy. Today, many architects still utilize this method. Often, we’re hired to help replace older drawings found in a building’s basement because no one wants to work from inaccurate drawings when renovating a multimillion-dollar building.

Old paper drawings (1)

In a basement, old paper drawings can be found like this.

Decades ago, almost no one could imagine that there would be a benefit in using lasers to capture point clouds to create digital models, but our Founder & CEO, Kurt Yeghian, did. He founded Existing Conditions in 1997 and has kept the company positioned on the cutting edge ever since.

“When we started the company 26 years ago, this service wasn't provided by anyone in the industry. It seemed strange that such an important part of the project was really being neglected, so it made sense to start a company that provides this service,” said Kurt Yeghian. “Over the past few decades, we've developed the practices to work quickly, efficiently, and accurately.”

Explore the timeline of Existing Conditions to learn more about our history.

Understanding building language is important when working with architects, builders, engineers, and facility managers. That’s where our experience comes into play. We have professionals trained by architects and commercial real estate investors on our staff, so we can speak the language and deliver what is needed to advance the project. It’s how we’ve found ourselves working on projects for the Boston Garden, Yale University, Harvard University, Tufts, Williams College, the Metropolitan Art Museum, and others. 

3D point cloud of Griffin Hall (1)

3D point cloud of Griffin Hall at Williams College, Williamstown, Massachusetts.

“The commercial real estate industry benefits so much from an accurate set of building documentation. By sending Existing Conditions out to the field, CRE professionals can devote their time to what they do best. They don’t need to worry that their leasing square footage or marketing materials are inaccurate or subpar. They can have complete situational awareness of an asset without having to spend days traveling and out on site,” stated Existing Conditions’ President, Jared Curtis. 

“In an industry with a ton of opportunities and risks baked into every deal, reducing risk through a cost-effective service like Existing Conditions is an easy decision to make. For a nominal amount of money, CRE teams can start from an accurate, mutual point of departure. Whether you’re working with hundreds of apartments, or hundreds of thousands of leasable square footage, having accurate measurements matters – a lot. Existing Conditions helps professionals in CRE operate with confidence. Existing Conditions helps CRE professionals make smart decisions based on accurate data.”

Our field crews are professional and always employ high standards of safety on job sites. Many of our Operations Associates have completed asbestos training, OSHA certificates, and construction safety training. We also have licensed drone pilots on staff to meet your needs using the latest aerial surveying tools. There is no need to spend money on scaffolding when surveying your building’s facade. Leveraging our aerial drone surveying services allows you to reduce risk and capture those hard-to-reach areas.

Aerial drone imagery, Longwood Tower (1)

Aerial drone imagery of Longwood Towers Apartments in Brookline, MA

The best architectural firms have partnered with us, and we have provided them with accurate, as-built drawings of buildings, according to their standards. We are committed to working from a client’s scope and delivering it right the first time. In addition to architects, we have worked with the best builders, building owners, commercial real estate developers, and engineers in the country, completing over 20,000 projects and documenting 700 million square feet of buildings across the world.

Existing Conditions has provided services to many different business sectors as well, and has worked on projects involving many different building types. Our team has worked on academic buildings, assisted living properties, airports, government buildings, critical facilities, fine homes, full academic campuses, historic landmarks, hotels, industrial properties, lab conversions, hospitals, museum spaces, office buildings, religious buildings, stadiums, and theaters. 

Find the complete list of building types by clicking here.

We have stayed true to our founding principles and continue to excel at leveraging reality capture technologies to deliver the most comprehensive building documentation. You need existing conditions drawings of your building. 



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