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How Architects Benefit from Laser Scanning and BIM

May 27, 2020 10:16:00 AM

For decades, Existing Conditions has been providing situational awareness for architects around the globe. From Studio Troika to Gensler and SOM, we have worked with the biggest architecture firms in the world, helping them to harness the power of laser scanning and BIM documentation.

Laser scanning and BIM for architects

The benefits of utilizing laser scanning and BIM for architects is nothing short of impressive. Using BIM, architects can deliver projects in a fraction of the time it once took them. Not only does this cut costs and resources, but architects are also able to accommodate clients with tight deadlines thanks to faster turnaround times. 


A 2D rendering often isn’t adequate when you’re trying to help a client imagine your design come to life. But with a precise 3D model, your client is given an interactive and lifelike representation of your design. By giving your client the ability to better understand your design, you’re able to offer them reassurance and cut down on the time it takes to build client understanding. By first scanning and modeling the existing built environment, architects can communicate their design intent while maintaining complete accuracy.

Fewer headaches

With manual measurements and modeling, a certain level of human error is to be expected. But laser scanning and BIM documentation is done with virtually no errors. At the same time, the precise measurements you get from laser scanning technology are obtained within seconds. Starting off on the right foot with an accurate 3D blueprint is one of the most effective ways to reduce serious headaches and interruptions down the road.

Fewer RFIs

Any architectural project is bound to have requests for information (RFIs) as clients seek more information about the design. But with BIM, you’re able to minimize any gaps in the information your client is given. This means they’re less likely to make an RFI because they can extract the information they need for themselves. 

When you choose Existing Conditions for your BIM and laser scanning needs, your decision will come with peace of mind—our staff all have a background in the building industry and have experience creating architectural and mechanical drawings. We understand the needs of the AEC community because we have all worked in it and understand the language of buildings.

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Jared Curtis

Written by Jared Curtis

President, Existing Conditions