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The Uses of Laser Scanning within Real Estate and Beyond

May 6, 2020 10:08:00 AM

Laser scanning and building information modeling turn the physical into the digital. They provide you with incredibly powerful tools and data with benefits that extend to nearly every industry. As you might have guessed, the uses of laser scanning can be particularly useful in the real estate industry. 

Laser scanning for real estate

Laser scanning enables professionals to turn real estate into a digital asset that’s rich in information while also being highly accessible. They can view a property and its assets remotely, minimizing the need for multiple site visits. 

It provides the most precise and accurate physical measurements, so you and your clients can plan for the exact space that’s available. With just a single scan, real estate professionals can receive 3D walk-throughs, print quality photos, schematic floor plans, videos, and other media. 

For multi-family residential properties, laser scanning can boost asset value by harnessing data about your property, maximize NOI, identifying opportunities, and performing intelligent needs assessments.


There are also invaluable uses for laser scanning in the construction industry. Using the precise and accurate data from 3D laser scanning, projects run smoother, safer, and more efficiently. Costs can be reduced thanks to fewer interruptions, errors and omissions, and manual measurements. 


The architectural industry also reaps significant benefits from laser scanning. When an architect can begin a project with the most accurate and up-to-date information possible, they’re able to eliminate headaches later on. Some of the tangible uses for the data you get from laser scanning include 3D flythroughs, globally georeferenced site plans, and other detailed renderings.

These are just a few of the extensive uses of laser scanning within real estate and beyond. If you’d like to learn more about what laser scanning can do for you and your business, contact Existing Conditions today. Our business was founded in 1997 to deliver high quality documentation more accurately, efficiently, and cost effectively than anyone else in the market. More than two decades later, we have measured and documented an estimated 200 million square feet of space for architects, engineers, building owners, and real estate professionals. During this time, we have served clients and completed projects across the entire United States.

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Jared Curtis

Written by Jared Curtis

President, Existing Conditions