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Exploring Existing Conditions' Diverse U.S. Project Portfolio

Exploring Existing Conditions' Diverse U.S. Project Portfolio

In the world of architecture and construction, precision is paramount. Welcome to Existing Conditions, where our 25-year legacy of excellence is deeply rooted in the core geographic market of the Northeast USA. Our understanding of the intricacies of the Northeast's diverse architectural landscape, from historic Boston brownstones to modern New York skyscrapers, is unparalleled.

Our journey began right here in the Northeast, where we've mastered the art of capturing accurate data. We have served as a crucial resource for projects throughout the region. But our influence extends far beyond these borders, solidifying our national presence and expertise. From Missouri to California, Existing Conditions has earned a reputation for delivering high-quality, precise data, making us a trusted partner in progress for professionals across the country.

At Existing Conditions, we are your scan-to-BIM team, ready to assist you at any location across the nation. Our mission is simple: to be an extension of your team, ensuring that you can confidently provide your clients with the best data for their projects. We're here to help you reduce risk, cut costs, and outsmart the unknown by offering unparalleled situational awareness of your most valuable assets.


Client Success Stories

Our journey begins with the remarkable stories of our satisfied clients, who have directly witnessed the transformative impact of our services. Take, for instance, the long partnership we've cultivated with the renowned architectural firm DBVW Architects. For over two and a half decades, they have entrusted us with their most challenging projects, and with our accurate data, they've transformed complex renovation endeavors into masterpieces.

Tami Hughes, Senior Associate of DBVW Architects, expressed “I have been collaborating with Existing Conditions for over a decade now and have always found its scans to be an invaluable tool in the work that we do. Having the scan data really saves us time during the construction document process and allows us to go back to the building without setting a foot in there. The accuracy of the scan and the information that it conveys makes coordination a breeze!”

Another client shared their experience, stating, "Our firm has worked with Existing Conditions on multiple projects. We greatly appreciate your collaboration and professionalism. We specialize in historic preservation, and the Existing Conditions surveys and Revit models are invaluable resources in our evaluation and restoration of historic structures," - Erik Christensen, Associate of Foster Architecture.

Yet another client testified, "We had you scan dozens of locations, and the team was excellent to work with and the end result was exactly what we expected," - Mark Reese, Project Coordinator of UMass Memorial Health.

These testimonials are a testament to the invaluable role Existing Conditions plays in delivering successful projects for a diverse range of clients. Our commitment to fostering successful partnerships is reflected in our impressive 90%+ client retention rate, showcasing our ongoing dedication to building long-term partnerships that stand the test of time.

Case Studies Landing Page

To explore our remarkable client success stories, please click on the image to access our in-depth case studies.


Establishing National Leadership

Becoming a leader on both the national stage and within the vibrant Northeast region is not solely the result of our more than two decades of experience. While longevity is certainly a hallmark of our journey, it's our commitment to delivering high-quality, precise data that truly sets us apart. Our dedication to staying at the cutting edge of technology, our attention to detail, and the expertise of our seasoned professionals are the cornerstones of our reputation as an authority in the field. This reputation resonates in every project we undertake, ensuring that our clients trust us as their reliable partner.


Decades of Dedication and Expertise

Our dedication reaches far beyond our home base. From the Great Lakes of Wisconsin to the picturesque landscapes of Oregon, the vibrant cities of Tennessee, the sprawling developments of Texas, and the innovation hubs of California, Existing Conditions has left its mark in various states across the United States.


National Presence and Impact

From the heart of the Northeast, where we meticulously document both the region's rich history and its modern architectural wonders, to the picturesque coasts of the United States, our reach spans far and wide. In the Northeast, we are acknowledged by many of the top architecture firms as the industry leader in providing accurate drawings in iconic cities. Yet, our expertise transcends geographic boundaries, reaching across the nation to our clients from various states, all confident in choosing us as their partner for successful projects.

  • Missouri: Documenting the iconic Missouri State Capitol, preserving historical grandeur.
  • Tennessee: Contributing to the innovative Patten Towers, a symbol of modernity.
  • Oregon: Playing a crucial role in creating sustainable Hilton Hotels amidst natural beauty.
  • Texas: Documenting the dynamic SMU Cox School of Business, fostering future business leaders.

Whether it's in the Northeast or any corner of the United States, Existing Conditions can deliver services anywhere in the country.


Extensive Project Portfolio

Our extensive project portfolio stands as a testament to the profound depth and breadth of services that characterize Existing Conditions. Throughout our distinguished 25-year journey, we contributed to a diverse array of projects, spanning the entire spectrum of architectural vision and ambition.

At Existing Conditions, our commitment is not just to deliver data, but to provide a customized approach for each project's unique requirements. Below, you'll find specific examples that showcase our diverse and accomplished project portfolio.


Missouri State Capitol

The Missouri State Capitol building in Jefferson City is a historic landmark that required accurate as-built drawings to maintain its integrity and safety. Our team was brought on to provide this service, leveraging our expertise and state-of-the-art equipment to produce an accurate, comprehensive facade survey of the building.

Missouri Capitol-1

Laser scan data of the Missouri State Capitol

Our 3D laser scanning technology offered a non-invasive, non-destructive approach to surveying the building's interior and exterior, capturing millions of data points to produce a precise point cloud representing the building's features. This data facilitated the creation of accurate as-built drawings and floor plans, crucial for repairs, renovations, historical preservation, maintenance, and emergency planning. This project exemplifies Existing Conditions' versatility, national presence, and commitment to accuracy and safety, solidifying our role as industry leaders, and providing invaluable expertise to clients nationwide.

3D Revit model of the Missouri State Capitol3D Revit model of the Missouri State Capitol

Patten Towers

Situated in downtown Chattanooga, this historic building, initially constructed as the Patten Hotel in 1908, has adapted over time to cater to the changing community needs. Today, it provides affordable housing to residents and stands as a testament to Chattanooga’s history. Existing Conditions was selected to conduct a comprehensive building survey and deliver precise documentation, providing our client with an accurate point of departure for their renovation project. 

3D Laser Scan Data, 3D Revit

3D Laser Scan Data, 3D Revit

Hilton Hotels

Existing Conditions was selected for a scan data-only project, which included detailed color scanning of approximately 95,000 square feet of space. Our dedicated team meticulously scanned about 150 guest rooms, and bathrooms, as well as all the common and public areas, including the exterior of the property.

During our five days on-site, we conducted scans within an occupied space, ensuring that there was no disruption to the tenants or hotel operations. This project exemplifies how our experience, equipment, and expertise come together to deliver accurate data while respecting our clients' needs and their unique environments.

On-site scanning of the exterior utilizing the Leica RTC360

On-site scanning of the exterior utilizing the Leica RTC360

Included in this project is one year of access to Existing Conditions' online platform, covering an extensive 400,000 square feet of hotel space from multiple projects. This comprehensive offering encompasses access to the online platform, a digital twin interface for the project's scan data, and a web-hosted space management interface.

Existing Conditions' Virtual Site Visits platform provides a convenient, cost-effective means to access spatial data for buildings and projects without the need for cumbersome downloads. Our approach transforms physical spaces into user-friendly digital twins, fostering intelligent collaboration for owners, facilities managers, architects, and contractors. 

By converting point clouds into web-based environments, this innovative solution bridges the gap between physical and digital realms, allowing stakeholders to make informed decisions, enhance efficiency, and gain a deep understanding of their projects, whether they're on-site or collaborating remotely.


Southern Methodist University (SMU)

Founded in 1920, Southern Methodist University's Cox School of Business is located in University Park, Texas. Our team scanned and modeled three buildings totaling 157,000 square feet, providing the university with accurate information for facilities management, space planning, and future renovations. 

3D Revit model of the SMU Cox School of Business

3D Revit model of the SMU Cox School of Business

Our dedicated team embarked on a second visit to the Southern Methodist University (SMU) campus, continuing our mission to provide unparalleled scanning and modeling services. During this second phase of our project, we meticulously scanned four distinct buildings at SMU’s Dedman School of Law: Storey Hall, Underwood Law Library, Florence Hall, and Carr Collins Hall.

These buildings, encompassing a range of classrooms, dean offices, and a library, are now undergoing comprehensive modeling by our seasoned professionals. This endeavor not only showcases our commitment to maintaining a strong and enduring partnership with SMU but also reinforces our dedication to providing the most high-quality documentation in every project we undertake.

On-site scanning utilizing the LeicaRTC360

Our return to SMU is a testament to the trust and confidence placed in us, and it exemplifies our dedication to enhancing the architectural and academic environment within the prestigious institution. It's another chapter in our journey of supporting educational excellence with the highest standards of data capture and modeling.


Expertise, Equipment, and Experience

Our success is the result of a harmonious blend of our remarkable team and state-of-the-art equipment. These dedicated experts possess the skill and precision required to capture data in the field with unparalleled accuracy. They understand that every project demands meticulous documentation, leaving no detail unrecorded.

The experts at Existing Conditions will deploy the most suitable tool or combination of tools to cater to your requirements. In this brief video clip, you can witness our arsenal in action.


Staying ahead of the curve is in our DNA, and we are committed to remaining at the forefront of technology and industry practices. The modern building industry is dynamic, and we ensure that our methods and tools are equally dynamic, meeting the evolving demands of the field.


Bridging Northeast Legacy to National Leadership

As a national leader, our expertise has been forged through years of experience and dedication to delivering top-quality, precise data. Our extensive portfolio, which spans a multitude of projects across the United States, showcases our versatile capabilities. Whether we're meticulously documenting historic buildings in the heart of the Northeast or contributing to innovation in the sprawling developments of the South, our commitment to providing the best data for your project knows no bounds. We serve as your trusted partner, whether you're navigating the historic streets of the Northeast or exploring new horizons nationwide.

Ready to experience the accuracy and reliability that Existing Conditions can bring to your projects? Contact us today for a free consultation and discover how we can empower your team with the confidence to make smart decisions based on accurate data. 

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