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A Leading As-Built Survey Company to Enhance Your Projects

A Leading As-Built Survey Company to Enhance Your Projects

Are you looking to elevate the accuracy and efficiency of your building projects? Would you like a precise and complete record of data and surveying for your present and future construction endeavors from a highly recognized as-built survey company in the industry? Look no further than Existing Conditions, a trusted, national leader in the as-built survey industry for over 26 years. With our commitment to delivering the most high-quality and accurate data, we offer comprehensive solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of your projects.

Increased Precision with Detailed Surveying

Kelvin Jolalpa on-site utilizing the Leica RTC360

Kelvin Jolalpa, Operations Associate performing a 3D laser scan on-site.

A good architectural and building project is defined by how well the site conditions are understood and registered. As a nationally recognized as-built survey company, we know that if existing conditions are measured and recorded correctly, the decision-making process for a project becomes more complete, accurate, and grounded in reality with reliable data taken directly from the field. At Existing Conditions, we understand the importance of these precise measurements in the building industry. That's why we specialize in providing professional as-built drawings and complete existing condition surveys. Our experienced team serves as your eyes in the field, delivering situational awareness of your buildings, whether big or small, near or far.



26 Years of Expertise and Cutting-Edge Technology

On-site image of the EC team & Leica RTC360

As an as-built survey company, we stay on the edge of innovation and technology, when it comes to how we measure and survey existing conditions. Going beyond the traditional measuring tape or single-point (“disto”) lasers to get dimensions, we transcended into more complete and complex methods to understand spaces, and sites, and appropriately measure them. Backed by decades of experience, equipment, and expertise, you can trust that your projects start accurate and stay accurate. Taking advantage of cutting-edge technologies like 3D laser scanning and drone surveys, we offer comprehensive services to meet your needs.


Building Confidence Through Accurate Data

Nothing backs up a complete and successful project as the quality of the data around it, regardless of the project phase it is in. As an as-built survey company, we understand that, and we aim to achieve this from the very beginning of the process, by using the best possible methods to accomplish it. As such, with Existing Conditions, you can empower your team with the confidence to make informed decisions based on reliable data from the very beginning of the construction process. Our meticulous surveys provide a clear understanding of your building's existing conditions, enabling you to plan and execute your projects with an accurate point of departure.


High-Quality As-Built Drawings and Graphics

3D Point Cloud, 3D BIM, Suffield Academy.

Exterior rendering of a 3D point cloud and 3D Revit model composition, Suffield Academy in Suffield, CT.

With 26 years of experience, we as an as-built survey company understand that having accurate and reliable data is not enough; presentation matters. It is not the same as having complete and precise information presented in a disorganized, unclear, and unappealing way, to showing it to our clients in an organized, readable, and aesthetically pleasing medium. As such, we aim not only to document and record clear and accurate data but also to present it in the highest quality possible, giving a certain level of care to how we present information. From clear and readable point clouds, to organized and easily understood plans and 3D building information models (BIM), we aim to showcase data and documentation in the highest quality possible.



Experience the Difference with Existing Conditions

Join our many clients and top professionals in the building industry who rely on Existing Conditions for their surveying needs. Our dedication to delivering high-quality, accurate drawings on time and within budget sets us apart as the premier choice for as-built surveys and highlights us as the best as-built survey company nationwide. Existing Conditions has worked with the best architects, builders, building owners, commercial real estate developers, and more across the country. In a competitive industry where accuracy and precision are crucial, we at Existing Conditions work within your scope and deliver the project right the first time. With our expertise, cutting-edge technology, and extensive portfolio, we're here to support your success every step of the way.


Frequently Asked Questions


1. What makes Existing Conditions stand out as an as-built survey company?

With over 26 years of industry experience, Existing Conditions is a trusted leader in the field of as-built surveys. We have an extensive track record of completing over 20,0000 projects, varying in scale and use, going from small residential houses to major government and institutional buildings, to full university campuses. By directing all our focus and actions towards surveying and recording the existing conditions of a site, leveraging and employing a qualified and experienced team, both in and out of the field, and state-of-the-art technology for this means, we aim to give high-quality results and provide a major tool and assistance for your project development.


2. Why are precise measurements important in the building industry?

Precise measurements are crucial for accurate decision-making and project success. Being the best as-built survey company in the industry, we know that without precise information, the decisions made regarding a project lose accuracy, jeopardizing the quality of the project as a whole. At Existing Conditions, we understand the significance of accurate data, which is why we specialize in providing the best building industry professionals with reliable as-built drawings and existing condition surveys. Our meticulous approach ensures that you have a clear understanding of your building's existing conditions, empowering you to make informed decisions.


3. How does Existing Conditions leverage cutting-edge technology?

As a national as-built survey company, we stay at the forefront of innovation and technology, utilizing advanced methods including, but not limited to, 3D scanning and drone surveying to capture comprehensive data. That way, by staying up to date with the latest technological innovations, we deliver the most accurate and precise data. Backed by decades of experience and expertise, your projects will start accurate and stay accurate, thanks to our cutting-edge technology and equipment.



4. What role does data quality play in project success?

Quality data is essential for the success of any project, regardless of its phase. The higher the quality of the data, the better the decision-making process goes for your company, as there is a stronger base on which to make them. Existing Conditions prioritizes the collection and presentation of reliable data, empowering your team with the confidence to plan and execute projects with precision from the very beginning. Our meticulous existing condition surveys provide a solid foundation for informed decision-making throughout the construction process.


5. Why is presentation important for as-built drawings and graphics?

We as an as-built survey company understand that in addition to accuracy in our measurements and data collection, presentation matters when it comes to conveying information effectively. Good information is meaningless if it is not easily understood and interpreted by our clients. With 26 years of experience, Existing Conditions understands the importance of presenting data in a clear, organized, and aesthetically pleasing manner. From clear point clouds to detailed 3D models, we ensure your data is showcased in the highest quality possible.


6. How can Existing Conditions support my project's success?

By choosing Existing Conditions as your as-built survey company, you're partnering with a team of experienced professionals. Understanding building language is important when working with architects, builders, engineers, and facility managers. We have professionals trained by architects and commercial real estate investors on our staff, so we can speak the language and deliver what is needed to advance the project. Our track record speaks for itself, partnering with top professionals in the building industry, including Gensler, Studio Troika, Shawmut Construction, the New York Stock Exchange, Williams College, and Harvard University.


Ready to elevate your building projects with high-quality as-built drawings service and comprehensive existing condition surveys?

Contact us today to get started on your project.




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