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as-built drawings

Leica RTC350

4 min read

The Future of Building Perception: The Potential of 3D Laser Scanning Services

In the fast-paced world of architecture and construction, accuracy matters. Good buildings understand the importance of details and rigorous work to...

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Cover image

5 min read

A Leading As-Built Survey Company to Enhance Your Projects

Are you looking to elevate the accuracy and efficiency of your building projects? Would you like a precise and complete record of data and surveying...

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5 min read

As-Built Survey Services: Making Choices from the Existing

A project’s success is often connected to how well the surroundings and existing conditions are understood, and how these factors can impact the...

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3D Point Cloud, 3D Revit model of Patten Towers.

5 min read

Leveraging Existing Conditions' 26 Years of As-Built Drawings Service

The development of any building project has a significant number of key components; a good architectural design, stable financing, and an established...

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National presence map

6 min read

Exploring Existing Conditions' Diverse U.S. Project Portfolio

In the world of architecture and construction, precision is paramount. Welcome to Existing Conditions, where our 25-year legacy of excellence is...

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