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3d laser scanning services

Drone image of our operations team on site.

9 min read

The Evolution of Equipment at Existing Conditions

For over 26 years, Existing Conditions has been at the forefront of the industry. Before incorporating advanced reality capture equipment, we relied...

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3D Point Cloud, 3D Revit model of Patten Towers.

4 min read

Leveraging Existing Conditions' 26 Years of As-Built Drawings Service

The development of any building project has a significant number of key components; a good architectural design, stable financing, and an established...

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Exterior rendering of South Street Landing

5 min read

Case Study: South Street Landing

Explore the transformation of South Street Landing, formerly known as 'The Narragansett Electric Company Power Station,' in the heart of Providence,...

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5 min read

Case Study: United States Senate Chamber Reproduction

This case study discusses the recreation of the historic U.S. Senate Chamber. Explore the collaboration between the Edward M. Kennedy Institute for...

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National presence map

6 min read

Exploring Existing Conditions' Diverse U.S. Project Portfolio

In the world of architecture and construction, precision is paramount. Welcome to Existing Conditions, where our 25-year legacy of excellence is...

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3D Revit model, aerial drone imagery, and 2D CAD drawings of the Worcester Memorial Auditorium.

7 min read

Case Study: Worcester Memorial Auditorium

This case study delves into the ongoing and remarkable transformation of Worcester Memorial Auditorium (locally known as the Aud), an architectural...

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Point cloud data

6 min read

How to Choose a Laser Scanning Company

When it comes to getting as built drawings of a building, nothing is more important than the quality of the data. And in order to gather accurate data

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