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3d scanning building interior

4 min read

Your Jobsite at Your Fingertips: Making Remote Work... Work!

For over a year, our news feeds have been flooded with articles about how the global pandemic forced everyone to adapt their work lives seemingly...

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2 min read

Case Study: New York Stock Exchange

Working in this world-famous structure was a privilege for our firm. It was a milestone event for us to provide the New York Stock Exchange with the...

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3 min read

Case Study: New York Historical Society

How is it possible to scan and analyze an entire building in a short amount of time? We were able to do so by working closely with an owner's...

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3d scanning building interior

1 min read

What to Expect During your 3D Building Scan

Today, more and more professionals in the architecture, engineering and construction industries are turning to 3D reality capture for comprehensive...

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