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3d scanning building interior

Stacked images of deliverables

8 min read

Case Study: New York Stock Exchange

This case study discusses the remarkable journey of Existing Conditions in a project spanning almost a decade at the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE),...

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5 min read

Case Study: United States Senate Chamber Reproduction

This case study discusses the recreation of the historic U.S. Senate Chamber. Explore the collaboration between the Edward M. Kennedy Institute for...

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3D Revit model, aerial drone imagery, and 2D CAD drawings of the Worcester Memorial Auditorium.

7 min read

Case Study: Worcester Memorial Auditorium

This case study delves into the ongoing and remarkable transformation of Worcester Memorial Auditorium (locally known as the Aud), an architectural...

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Laser scan data with building information model overlay

7 min read

Case Study: Rough Point Museum

This case study explores the restoration of the Rough Point Museum in Newport, Rhode Island. Embark on a journey of preservation and innovation as ...

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Laser Scan Data with Building Information Model Overlay

6 min read

Case Study: The Colony Hotel

This case study explores the remarkable restoration of the iconic Colony Hotel in Palm Beach, Florida. Discover how Existing Conditions partnered...

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4 min read

Your Jobsite at Your Fingertips: Making Remote Work... Work!

For over a year, our news feeds have been flooded with articles about how the global pandemic forced everyone to adapt their work lives seemingly...

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3 min read

Case Study: New York Historical Society

How is it possible to scan and analyze an entire building in a short amount of time? We were able to do so by working closely with an owner's...

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