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drawing for architects

Tufts University Students

4 min read

The Value of Experience: How Existing Conditions Handles On-Site Risks During Facade Surveys

Existing Conditions has over 25 years of experience surveying buildings, and as a result, we have experience overcoming nearly all of the risks and...

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Monomoy Road Residence

5 min read

Case Study: Monomoy Road Residence

This case study discusses the renovation of the historic Monomoy Road Residence in Nantucket, emphasizing the preservation of the island's unique...

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An Angle View of The Little Building

6 min read

Case Study: The Little Building

This case study discusses the successful preservation and restoration of The Little Building in Boston through the use of advanced laser scanning...

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3 min read

The Business Case For Existing Condition Surveys

Imagine your friend came up to you and was talking about their recent purchase of a used car. When you ask them for details, they say, "I don't have...

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4 min read

Case Study: Williams College

How is this historic institution on the cutting edge of the building industry? They recognize the value of the technology we employ and the services...

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2 min read

Case Study: New York Stock Exchange

Working in this world-famous structure was a privilege for our firm. It was a milestone event for us to provide the New York Stock Exchange with the...

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Laser Scan Section Cut

5 min read

Case Study: 51 Madison

The project at 51 Madison Avenue in New York City came to us via a trusted owner's representative. We had the honor of working on a one-of-a-kind,...

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