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The Existing Conditions team with our state-of-the-art equipment

10 min read

The Power of Accurate Data: Unlocking Success with Existing Conditions

In the dynamic world of the building industry, finding a reliable partner who understands your unique needs and delivers real results is easier said...

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Exterior rendering of laser scan data with building information model overlay

8 min read

Case Study: Northeastern University

This case study provides a detailed look at how Existing Conditions partnered with Northeastern University and LeMessurier to capture accurate...

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Exterior Rendering of 270 Bay State Road

8 min read

Innovations in the Sky! New Technology in Facade Surveying

Aerial imaging is not a recent invention. French photographer Gaspard-Félix Tournachon captured images above Paris in 1858. His mechanism of flight:...

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Tufts University Students

4 min read

The Value of Experience: How Existing Conditions Handles On-Site Risks During Facade Surveys

Existing Conditions has over 25 years of experience surveying buildings, and as a result, we have experience overcoming nearly all of the risks and...

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Scanner on site

5 min read

What to Expect During a Facade Survey: A Comprehensive Guide

Existing Conditions recently surveyed a Boston University building at 270 Bay State Road in Boston. Despite some fog and clouds, the team...

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 Aerial Drone Photography By Existing Conditions

5 min read

NYC’s Façade Inspection Safety Program (FISP): New Avenues for Drone Technology in Facade Surveying

New York City has a long and tragic history of falling debris from deteriorating building facades, striking pedestrians. Each year, loose bricks,...

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Image with the Tufts team

5 min read

From Theory to Practice: Working with Tufts University Marketing Students

The Beginning of Our Work with Tufts University Our partnership with Tufts University began back in 2013 when we were asked to scan and model all...

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