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Simon Perry and Allen Terman

Tufts University students

Exterior Rendering of 270 Bay State Road

8 min read

Innovations in the Sky! New Technology in Facade Surveying

Aerial imaging is not a recent invention. French photographer Gaspard-Félix Tournachon captured images above Paris in 1858. His mechanism of flight: balloons! The use of aerial footage caught traction, speeding worldwide in only two years. In 1860,...

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Tufts University Students

4 min read

The Value of Experience: How Existing Conditions Handles On-Site Risks During Facade Surveys

Existing Conditions has over 25 years of experience surveying buildings, and as a result, we have experience overcoming nearly all of the risks and...

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Scanner on site

5 min read

What to Expect During a Facade Survey: A Comprehensive Guide

Existing Conditions recently surveyed a Boston University building at 270 Bay State Road in Boston. Despite some fog and clouds, the team...

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 Aerial Drone Photography By Existing Conditions

5 min read

NYC’s Façade Inspection Safety Program (FISP): New Avenues for Drone Technology in Facade Surveying

New York City has a long and tragic history of falling debris from deteriorating building facades, striking pedestrians. Each year, loose bricks,...

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